Shannon Beador

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Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador, a famous Real Housewives of Orange County cast member, is married to her husband David Beador who is a construction company owner. The pair has now been married to each other for around 15 years and there is not any sign of them getting divorced.

Additionally, she also has three children, all daughters together with her husband. Among them, two are twins named Adeline and Stella and the elder one is named as Sophie. Shannon Beador is one among the popular and most loved celebrities on television screen whom we have known and are seeing daily.

Some of you may also have been her fan for a long time as well as you also may want to gain more information regarding her. Some of you may be getting the information regarding the professional and personal life of her through various newspapers, gossip pages, as well as magazines.

She is widely known for being the cast member of Real Housewives of Orange County. She is also known to reality TV viewers for passionate advocacy of holistic health practices as well as a non-toxic living. Now, let’s extract few more details regarding Beador’s bio which has been accessed from various sources.

She is the native of Southern California, United States. She came into this world on 25th March of the year 1964 which has now made her reach the age of 52. she is of White ethnicity and she belongs to American nationality. She is very much concerned about her family members.

Apart from that, a beautiful and talented Shannon is currently married to her husband David Beador. The couple has been married to each other for over 15 years and they are also the proud parents of three children, all daughters. Being born in the month of March, her zodiac sign is Aries.

Standing at height of five feet and seven inches, her weight has been recorded to be around 137 pounds, that is, 62 kg. Her husband David Beador is an American businessman as well as an entrepreneur who is also the owner and co-founder of Beador Construction Inc. which is a Corona, California-based construction firm.

Mr. Beador was born in a small town of Freeland, Michigan, United States of America but he was grown up in La Jolla California. He went to study at University of Southern California and then he subsequently founded the company of his in 1996 with help of his father. It has been reported that his company now makes estimated $13 million annually in revenue.

Shannon Beador has been active in this field for years and it’s sure that during this period, she had earned multiple fans and followers in her career. Apart from that, Beador has got multiple followers on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Additionally, she is active on the Twitter page as well and link to her page is in which she has already tweeted for 5657 times. Besides that, more information related to the personal and professional life and pics of her can be accessed from different sites. She has also got a page on various other sites.