Scott Saunders is a Senior Account Manager in the sales by his profession. He is now at the age of 27 and he describes himself as sharp, motivated as well as obsessed with making his first million. At present, he is residing in Hertfordshire. He likes simple but effective brands which includes as well as he cites Robert Kiyosaki who is the founder of the Rich Dad Company as one of his business inspirations because he admires the way he works.

Scott has now come into the lime light after making his appearance in the show known as Apprentice. He says that he would not have entered to the competition if he did not think he could win. According to the reports, the candidate, Scott has now sensationally quits the show after a tirade from Lord Sugar in boardroom.

The source revealed to the Sun that he felt disrespected as well s offended after Lord and his aides Karren Brady and Claude Luttner savaged him. He eventually said “Thank You for the opportunity but I quit”. He had been performing very well throughout the series. He ended up on winning team five times out of the eight and last week, Scott was praised for his work on the children’s party with the fellow contestant Brett Butler Smythe.

According to himself, people say that they have not met anyone like him. The series Apprentice has had several of the issues this year with the candidate Selina Waterman Smith coming to blows with Charleine Wain of the camera early in process. As Scott has maintained keeping his personal life secret, there is no more info found about his personal life, family background as well as other activities. More details about him can also be obtained from various sites and as he is also active user of Twitter and Instagram pages, we can also follow him on it. 


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