Scot McCloughan who is the current General Manager of Washington Redskins of National Football League was born on 1st March of the year 1971. He is the native of Loveland, Colorado. Previous to that, he was also the general manager of San Francisco 49ers as well as a senior personnel executive for Seattle Seahawks where he helped both the teams top reached the Super Bowl on 2010s with the rosters he helped assemble.

He went to study at the Wichita State where he played the college football. Later, he was drafted by New York Mets in 10th round of 1989 MLB Draft as well as the Toronto Blue Jays in 10th round of 1992 MLB Draft. Despite that, he did not played for either of the team. But, he played the basketball in minor leagues playing for St. Catharines Blue Jays, Dunedin Blue Jays as well as Hagerstown Suns.

After his career in the minor league baseball, Scot started working as the regional scout for Green Bay Packers. He joined them in the year 1994 and remained there till 1999. After that, he then went on to become a college scouting director for Seattle Seahawks where he worked for four years from 2000 till 2004. Later, the following year, Scot joined San Francisco 49ers as their Vice President of the player personnel. He was the promoted to the general manager of the team in February of the year 2008. Scot and the 49ers agreed in March of 2010 to the mututal termination of the contract of Scot.

After the short period leaving the San Francisco 49ers, he was hired by the Seattle Seahawks for becoming their Senior Personnel Executive. He then assisted in the drafting of the players of the team of such as Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson. It was until April of the year 2014 that he remained in that position. Later, he got resigned due to his own personal reason. After that, he was then hired by the Washington Redskins as their General Manager on 7th January of the year 2015.

To talk about his personal life biography, Scot has already got married. He has married twice and divorced one. At first, he was married to his first wife Kelli with whom he has got three children together. His habit of alcoholism led their relationship to divorce with her first wife. At present, he is married to his wife named Jess. The couple met with each other through a friend who used to work out at the gym that she managed in the Colorado. His wife’s Facebook account indicated that they exchanged their vows with each other just this year. His wife has recently apologized for the tweet that was aimed at the reporter of ESPN.

Apart from that, Scot has now reached at the age of 44. He is very much hard working and had a dedication towards his work which has let him to earn the huge amount of salary as well as net worth. There is no more news found about his biography and his height is also not known. Besides that, he can also be followed in his instagram, facebook and twitter account.



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