Saroo Brierley

Saroo Brierley is an Australian businessman who was born in India. Saroo Brierley is best known for his work 'A Long Way Home'. He came into the spotlight when a movie was made based on his real life. Currently, he resides in Hobart, Australia. The movie won various prestigious awards and made the box office collection of $134. 6 million. Here the main role in the movie was played by Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, and Rooney Mara, directed by Garth Davis.

Saroo Brierley


  • Nationality:Indian - Australian
  • Date of Birth:1981

The book he has written 'A long way' is also about a lost boy of five who is adopted by an Australian family and his hunger of finding his Indian family.

Saroo Brierley early life

Saroo Brierley's real name is Sheru Munshi Khan born in 1981. He is the native of Ganesh Tilai, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India. He was separated from his real mother when he was just 5 and then was adopted by an Australian couple. After 25 years, he got the fortune to meet his biological mother again. His story generated significant international media attention, especially in India and Australia. It's been said that his father left them and their home when he very young. As a consequence, he and his mother had to live their life in poverty. In order to support and provide a daily meal, his mother worked very hard on construction sites. However, her earning wasn’t sufficient enough to sustain the family in long-term.

When Saroo was five years old, he and his elder brothers named as Kallu and Guddu started to beg at the railway station for money and food. One evening when he and his brother Guddu were begging in Burhanpur Saroo suddenly fell as he was exhausted due to improper diet and hard-work. Guddu, his brother, promised to come back shortly but unfortunately didn’t return back. Later, when he regained consciousness, he was taken to the nearby police station by a teenager and then was adopted by the Brierley's family.  

There is no any information about Saroo Brierley love life like girlfriend or wife.

Saroo Brierley's later life

Saroo Brierley published his first book 'A long Way home' and this helps him gather lots of fans and admirers. He also has also more than hundreds of the followers on Facebook and Instagram account. He is also active on the Twitter page. Besides, more details related to his bio and movie also can be obtained from different other sites.

'A Long Way Home' is an autobiography of Saroo Brierley which was published in the year 2014. Later as the popularity of the book gradually rose to a peak, it got adapted for 2016 movie known as Lion. We can see many brilliant artists in this movie. The movie 'Lion' was premiered to rave reviews and 'Oscar Buzz' at the Toronto International Film Festival 2016.

Residing in Hobart, now he and his Indian family are able to communicate with each other quite often. The international media helped this separated family come together after many years. Besides, Saroo Brierley  net worth is yet to be calculated, however according to The mercury he made a deal of $12 m for the adoption of his life story as a movie.


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