Saroo Brierley

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Saroo Brierley

Saroo Brierley, an Indian-born Australian businessman who was previously separated from his mother since his birth was adopted by an Australian couple. After 25 years, he reunited with his birth mother. The story of him generated significant international media attention, especially in India and Australia. When he was a young boy, his father left the home and his mother, throwing his family into the poverty. His mother used to work in construction for supporting herself and her kids but often didn’t make enough money for feeding them all.

When Brierley was at the age of 5, he and his elder brothers named as Kallu and Guddu started to beg at the railway station for money and food. One evening, he went with Guddu to a city of Burhanpur. By the time the train reached Burhanpur,he was tied so he collapsed onto a seat on the platform. His brother Guddu then went and promised to come back shortly. But Guddu did not return and Saaro became impatient. Later, he was taken to police station by a teenager and the, he was adopted by Brierley family.

Now, let’s find out some more information related to Brierley’s bio that has been obtained from different sources. He is the native of Ganesh Tilai, Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India. He came into this world in the year 1981 which has now made him reach the age of 34 or 35. Although he is known by the name Saroo Brierley, his real name is Sheru Munshi Khan. As he has maintained his profile low, it is not known whether he has any girlfriend or not.

Saroo Brierley has been active since years and it is sure that during this period, he has been able to gain numbers of the fans in a career. Brierley has also more than hundreds of the followers on Facebook and Instagram account. He is also active on the Twitter page and link for that page is in which he got many followers. Besides, more details related to her bio and movie also can be obtained from different other sites.

A book about Saroo Brierley’s autobiography  which is about his experiences entitled as A Long Way Home was published in the year 2014 and it got adapted for 2016 movie known as Lion which starred Nicole Kidman as his adopted mother named Sue Brierley. At present, he is residing in Hobart. He and his Indian family are at present able to communicate regularly taking the advantage of computer at home one of the neighbors of his family. Besides, his net worth is not known.