Samantha Hess who is a 29 years old woman is a professional cuddler who is from Portland, Oregon. She is also a founder of the website called Cuddle Up to Me. She is known as one woman hugging machine. She charges dollar 35 for half hour, $60 for an hour to hug, snuggle or spoon and $300 for a night.

Samantha decided to do the job after she read about the man at market with a free hugs sign. After that, a dream inside her was born. She then started to place the ads online where she promoted a cuddling business. Additionally, she also posted the flyers all around the Portland as well as handed out the business cards. Later, her website caught the attention of the local media and she appeared on the Ed Forum Show of Portland. Most of her clients are the men who had suffered from the severe traumatic diseases and disabilities which prevent them from having the frequent human contact.

Before agreeing the cuddling session, she meets her clients at neutral location and her all costumers must sign a waiver that has some rules like; the cuddle sessions are not to be interpreted as sexual, both parties will fully remain clothed, and cleanliness as well as adequate are also required by both the parties. Besides that, Samantha also notifies the third party about the location and time of her each appointment and when the appointment is over, the third party is called with a safe and unique word. Ages range from the mod 20s to mid 60s take an appointment with her for cuddling as well as the clients may be from all different races as well as relationship statuses. But the client must be over the age 18 and should have signed her waiver. In addition to that, she also keeps the profiles of her every clients and their cuddling preferences to personalize the experiences. She also plays the specific music to set the mood especially Phil Collins and Jack Johnson.

Prior to that, Samantha was previously, a personal trainer. Besides that, she has also worked at various places such as restaurants, Netflix call canter representative. During her career till now, she has been interviewed by numbers of broadcast as well as print media. In January of the year 2014, Samantha was interviewed by the Biz Journal in which she had shared the plans with Rob Smith on the Cuddle Up to Me website in which she told that she plans to model after the Zoom Care.

Hess thinks that, hugging is such a hit and she hopes for expanding her business in the year 2014 by hiring six people and by opening a retail location. Hess describes herself as “hugely touchy person”. She has written in her website that touch has power to comfort everyone whenever we are sad, encourage us when we feel lost, heal us when we are sick, and above the all, it allows us to accept that we are not alone. 

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