Sam Dushey

Sam Dushey is the CEO and the President of the Shoppers world a branded store concept in the USA. Sam Dushey now goes undercover at the Shoppers World for ensuring he’s filming the shoes of his grand-father who founded his company in 930s. 

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He is shocked to find the security deficient store in which the shoplifters are walking away with his merchandise. The family owned as well as operated discount apparel and the merchandise retail store founded by the grand-father of Dushey in Baltimore, Maryland in the 1930s currently has the 40 locations throughout the United States.

The Shoppers World is a family business which was started by the grand-father of Dushey and was carried on by his father and relatives. When Sam Dushley took over as the CEO, he was only at the age of 27 and now, he grew the company from eight stores to the forty stores and to $250 million in annual revenue. He also hopes to expand the company to the 500 stores one day.

When he is in disguise in one of the stores, he is trying to scan the items with one of the workers and the scanner keeps going down. That store has only one scanner because the second one does not work. Addition to the technical issues, the alarm clock of the store goes off when the shoplifter steals the items from the store.


Caption: CEO Sam Dushey goes "Undercover Boss" at Cleveland store 

The Shoppers World has multiple security issues. Because of that, he feels that the company needs to improve the security measures. But he is impressed seeing that the store has taken the precautions on its own. When he tries to organize the shoe department, he has the very difficult time trying to fit all merchandise in the amount of the space given. 

In addition to that, he notices all the dust and dirt around the store. He was worried that he would be recognized while the undercover. Besides that, to know more regarding his bio, Sam Dushey wife and his family you can get connected on Wikipedia, Twitter and Instagram

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