Sam Asghari

Sam Asghari is a hot personal trainer, model as well as a singer. Sam Asghari is dating the gorgeous and talented singer Britney Spears. Many sites claim that these people are going to get married soon and Britney is the one with the marriage proposal. 

  • Height:

    6 feet 2 inches

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Sam Asghari is originally from Iran

Sam Asghari who real name is Samuel Asghari is the native of Iran. According to The Sun, he was born in 1994 and is of Persian Heritage. Sam Asghari at the young age only moved to the United States with his family.

This personal trainer has a sister named Fay who is also a model and made her debut at Los Angeles Fashion Week recently. 

Sam Asghari is totally involved in the self-improvement and he is a much in demand model too. In addition to that, he has also made his appearance in the video for the single of Fifth Harmony entitled as Work From Home. Apart from that, he can be connected via his TwitterInstagram and Snapchat account.

Sam Asghari short bio on his life and more insightful things from his personal side

As mentioned Sam Asghari was born in 1994 in Iran. Moving to the United States brought him new opportunity to grow up in a new environment and upgrade himself. Sam being a motivational body builder has got a great physique. In an interview, he has stated that he was a very shy person while growing up and even all through the high school. He also added that after being in the industry for several times, he has gained massive confidence. He has also learned that there is nothing a woman likes is more than a confident man.

Sam Asghari and Iranian nationality have the height of 6 feet and 2inches  that look him desirable. During his career till date, Asghari has gained a big amount of the salary and the net worth of him is estimated to be in great amount. His hard working has led him to the height of success. 

Sam Asghari is currently dating girlfriend Britney Spears. They seem to be very close!

Sam Asghari has posted a picture of himself and Britney having dinner together on his Instagram account. The picture made everyone curious but later Sam deleted it. Now the news of this couple getting married is trending and some sites claim that girlfriend Britney Spears is planning to propose Sam Asghari for marriage. This couple first met in while Sam was selected to star in Britney's music video Slumber Party. 

There Malibu date in California was a one. We could see them holding each other tight. Britney was seen dressed in the maxi dress and Sam with black T-shirt. Both wearing shades looked fabulous. They recently went on a family holiday in Hawaii. There also came the news that the Hawaii trip was to get secretly married as Britney was pregnant. However, the news later was proved to be false and only a strategies to gain attention by magazines. 

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