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Salah Abdeslam is a Belgian suspected terrorist who was born on 15th September of the year 1989. He is one among the three brothers who were involved in deadly attacks in the Paris in which 129 people were killed as well as 350 were wounded.

He is the native of Brussels and he has now reached at the age of 26. Salah was alleged to attackers in the terrorist attacks on 13th November of the year 2015 Paris. His brother named Ibrahim Salah allegedly belongs to attackers in theater as well as had blown up with the explosive vest itself. The French Police has already published the wanted pics and they have asked the people to help them. One of his brothers has been arrested.

Salah along with Ibrahim rented two cars with the Brussels licence plates, gray Volkswagen Polo as well as a Black Seat Leon which were used to drop off the attackers at Bataclan Theater. It is believed that Salah was the logistics co-ordinator as well as the suspect who drove Black Seat Leon to drop off shooters at the restaurants in Paris. That car was found in Montreauil a suburb in Eastern Paris on Sunday. The Volkswagen was found outside concert hall with the three Kalashnikov rifles as well as a Brussels parking ticket.

Their third brother Mohamed Abdeslam who was questioned by the officers but freed without any charges has now made a statement about his relatives. In it, he had described an open family who never had a problem with the law. He had stated that he was accused to terrorist’s acts but he has not been linked directly or indirectly to the intervention in Paris. Besides that, more information about Salah’s bio and his family background can also be obtained from different internet sites and his news has also been viral in everyone’s twitter account. 

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