Sal Vulcano

Sal Vulcano
Sal Vulcano is a comedian known as the member of The Tenderloins and co-creator of Impractical Jokes. He is also an author of 'Impractical Jokers' and 'Unti Impractical Jokers'. Funny and good looking has the height of Five feet and seven inches. He is a tattoo lover who can be found on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter. 

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Sal Vulcano Comedy Troupe and much more

Sal Vulcano is ¼ of the comedy troupe known as the Tenderloins and is affectionately known as ‘Sal’. The tenderloins are the writers, executive producers as well as the creators of the stunningly popular show, ‘Impractical Jokers’. Sal went to get his education from the Monsignor High School from 1990 till 1994. He then graduated from St. John’s University in 1998.

The Tenderloins is currently composed of Salvatore Vulcano, James Murray, Joseph Gatto and Brian Quinn. The troupe star in a truTV TV series called Impractical Jokers. The show, comprising of the four friends constantly pranking each other and putting each other in funny situations, often results in a series of tear-jerkingly hilarious comedy gold moments.

Sal Vulcano more on Comedy Central

It began premiering on 15th December 2011 and is currently being aired on the Comedy Central with its 2nd series being shown in the UK. Sal is one of the early members of the Tenderloins since its inception in 1999 when the original line-up consisted of him, James Murray, Joeseph Gatto and Mike Boccio.

In addition to that, Sal has also performed at San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival and the Miami Improv Festival. In April 2012, the group started to host a podcast which they made available on their official website as well as iTunes.

Sal and Q also began with their own side project which was a new podcast known as ‘What Say You’ and it reached massive popularity being named Best New Show at the 2013 Stichter Awards and nominated for Comedy, Entertainment, and Best Produced Podcast at the 10th Annual Podcast Awards in 2015.

Salvulcano more on his personal life

Born in the month of November, Sal’s star sign is Scorpio. This tall standing Scorpio of 1.73m is 38 years old at the time of writing (2016) and also a native of Staten Island, New York. He is of White ethnicity and belongs to an American nationality. He also has one sibling named Jenna Vulcano.

More on his impractical jokers

In one of the episodes of Impractical Jokers, Sal’s punishment was to be strapped and made to watch his sister officially marry his fellow co-star, James Murray. As Sal is also known to be a germ phobic, his many other punishments have involved him having to pick up litter or get dirty.

Although he is mostly known by the name Sal Vulcano, he was named as Salvator Vulcano as a child. He also has a tattoo on his arm which is the lyrics of a song dedicated to his one of his friends whom he had lost.

Not much is known about his relationship status or his sexuality besides that, he can also be followed through social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter where he actively shares a peek of his life. Sal Vulcano is yet to have a Wikipedia page but has earned handsome net worth to his account.

Personal Life

Sal Vulcano is a native of New York. He is a un- married man who has not been linked with any woman till now. Many even claimed Sal Vulcano to be gay but it has not been confirmed yet.

Sal Vulcano was born on November 5, 1976, in New York, United States of America. He spent his childhood in Staten Island, New York where he was born. Sal parents were divorced when he was very young. He also has a sister named Jeena. 

Sal Vulcano completed his high school education in 1994 attending Monsignor Farrell High School.   Later continued his higher level education joining John's University and graduated in 1998. 

This comedian is not married yet. There came many rumors that Sal Vulcano is gay as despite reaching 40s he has not even talked about his girlfriend or wife. He has neither been seen with any lady having a romantic link up till this age. 


Professional Career

Sal Vulcano with his other friends formed a comedy group which later created a television reality joke series. The show became a great hit which raised the popularity of Sal from null to the top.

Sal Vulcano's rise to fame as he was featured in the reality television series 'Impractical Jokers'. He is also the co-creator of the show among his other friends Brian Quinn, James Murray and Joseph Gatto. In the show, the comedians fix a hidden camera and prank different pedestrians. 

Before the 'Impractical Jokers' was created the team made a comedy troupe which is famous as 'The Tenderloins'. Sal Vulcano was also featured in funny video series named 'Superdude & Friend' prior to his own show. 

Sal has also worked in different side projects including 'What Say You' a podcast that was even nominated at the Stichter Awards 2013 for Best New Show. Apart from his TV comedies, he has also written books 'Impractical Jokers' and ' Unti  Impractical Jokers'. 

Net worth and salary

Sal Vulcano has been raising his popularity. He does many shows and events that have added a lot to his income and net worth he enjoys today. The book he has written also gained huge popularity.

Sal Vulcano has the estimated net worth of 400 thousand dollars. His sources of income are the shows and events he does and also the book he has written.  

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