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Saeed Abedini who is an Iranian American Christian pastor that is imprisoned in Iran was born on 7th May of the year 1980. He has been in the Iran since summer of 2012 and initially incarcered in the Evin Prison in September of the same year. He is the native of Iran. He is a former Muslim who got converted to the Christianity in the year 2000. While it is recognized as minority religion under Iranian constitution, Muslim converts to the Christianity suffer discrimination at hands of the Iranian authorities.

Abedini became the prominent in house church movement in Iran in early 2000s. It was at the time when the movement was tolerated by Iranian government. During that period, he was credited with the establishing about 100 house churches in the 30 Iranian cities with more than 2000 members. In 2005, with election of Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, the house Church movement was subjected to the crackdown by the Iranian authorities and Abedinis moved back to United States. Saeed’s first trip back to the Iran was in 2009 for visiting his family. According to him, he was threatened with the death. He was released after he signed an agreement in which he had pledged to cease all the house church activities in country.

Saeed became the ordained minister in US in 2008 and later in 2010, he was granted the American citizenship. For several past years, he had been living with his family in Boise, Idaho. He then again made his ninth trip to Iran in July of the year 2012 and he continued his work to build the orphanage in city of Rasht. While in country, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps confiscated the passports of him as well as place him under the house arrest. Later, he was transferred to the Evin Prison. It was reported in mid of January of 2013 that Saeed would go on the trial on 21st January as well as could face the death penalty.

The supporters of him had said that his arrest was because of his conversion as well as attending the peaceful Christianity gatherings in Iran. The Iranian state media reported on 21st January of the same year that he would be released after posting the $116000 bond. Abedini was later sentenced to the right years in prison on 27th January of the year 2013 reportedly on the charges of undermining the National Security through the private Religious gatherings in the Christian homes in Iran in early 2000s. The same year in November, he was transferred to the Rajai Shahr prison just outside of the Karaj, Iran by the Iranian government.

To talk about his personal life biography, Abedini has already got married. He is married to his supportive, caring as well as loving wife Naghmeh Abedini who is an American citizen. The couple met with each other in 2002. They also have two children together with each other. Among them, one is a son and another is a daughter. Apart from that, Abedini has now reached at the age of 35. He belongs to Iranian-American nationality. To get more updated about his bio, he can also be followed in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.

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