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Ryan Sweeting is a very famous Tennis player who is a Bahamian born American Professional tennis player, he is born in 14th July 1987 and is a very talented and skilled minded player, he has great power and stamina with great accuracy and talent in his playing style and game as a professional player he trains several hours daily and works very hard and is a hard working player and loves tennis.

  • Height:

    196 cm

  • Date of Birth:


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He is a great guy and talking about his bio and other stuff he is originally from Nassau located in the Bahamas and has just turned 27 years old and is one of the greatest player, he has a tall height and that is about 6 feet and 5 inch which into centimeter its is 195 centimeter and that is a big advantage as with a great height tennis player has speed and power and that will easily make great advantage, he is a right handed and also two handed Back hand.

 He was considered a pro since the year 2006 and now is the residence of Fort Launderdale located in Florida, he has 1 career title all together and in 2013 he got engaged his girlfriend named Kaley Cuoco with just 3 months of dating which proved that true love and partner can be felt quickly, and in later 2013 December month he married her, he is a very responsible guy and takes care of his family and according to the news they said they are soon expecting their child.

 In his life he has done great thing and has achieved awards and also been in the top list of professional golfer ranking and has tons of twitter and instagram followers with full support and loves his games and shares his passion and life moments with his family and followers in both social media and in talks. 

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