Ryan Paevey

Ryan Paevey is an American model and an actor who was once rumored to be a gay. Ryan Paevey is best known for his role on the ABC soap opera General Hospital as Nathan West. Till now he has appeared in many of the modeling events, magazines and in music videos of well-known musical icons. Apart from that, he is a very happy and delightful person who loves animals and adventures. Ryan is also a passionate motorcycle racer who later left because of an accident.

Personal Life

Ryan Paevey is very much fluent in French, however, is the native of California and raised in Los Angeles. Ryan Paevey is a very handsome guy with best body in the world so can be single or is he dating someone.

Ryan Paevey is the native of Torrance, California, United States and he was born on 24 September 1984, age 32. He was raised up in Los Angeles. Ryan Paevey parents are Linda Paevey and Les Vlieger and his other family members also include his younger sister named Kaitlyn. It is said that sister Kaitlyn is very much close to Ryan and they share lots of their stuff with each other.

During his time at the high school, Ryan ran track and cross country. He can also speak good French and also can read Japanese. He holds American nationality and belongs to Dutch and Indonesian on the side of his father. He is a self-proclaimed nature boy.  Some of his hobbies include surfing, playing video games as well as cooking. Additionally, his favorite food is Sushi.

He is a handsome hunk and a magnificent actor stands very tall at towering height of six feet and one inch that is 1.85 m. Ryan Paevey is described to be a very generous however the exact evidence of him having a girlfriend is still unknown and he is not married yet. It was said that he was dating model Jessa Hinton, however, there is no proof regarding this news. Once he shared his desire to be professionally successful and start a family soon.


Professional Life

Ryan Paevey used to work with his father as a bar tender. He has appeared in various musical video, he was the body double for Robin Thicke for his music video 'Sex Therapy'. We can also see him in several shows.

Ryan Paevey grew up working in the construction and bartending along with his father. Getting into the entertainment industry was never Ryan plan. He also once explained that he during the first few modeling offer he always turned it down however later convinced himself.

Ryan is also very much fond of motorcycles. He used to ride it a lot before and even named his bike as Lilith. Unfortunately, getting caught in an accident he shattered his wrist and have to leave it.

As a model, Ryan Paevey has worked with many high profiled musicians in their musical videos. He once appeared opposite of Katy Perry and the legendary Cher. His filmography includes Bogie and Bacall, Hollywood Heights, Extra, The View, 4 Dead Girls, The Girl with The Gloves, The Client List, 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards, General Hospital, and Unleashing Mr. Darcy. Additionally, he has also appeared in music videos such as Sex Therapy, Your Body and Hands Tied.

Ryan also worked as a double body for Robin Thicke in the musical video for 'Sex Therapy. During 2014 he appeared as a guest co-host for the show Extra and later in the following year he was cast in the lead role of Hallmark Channel 'Unleashing Mr. Darcy'. This original hallmark movie was premiered on 23 January 2016. He also has a contract role for the ABC soap opera General Hospital as Nathan West.


Social Media

Ryan Paevey being a sweetheart of many of his fans is also popular on the social net working sites. We can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter sharing his wire works.

Ryan Paevey has been active since the 2000s and it is sure that during this period, he must have won multiple fans and followers in his career. He has more than thousands of followers on the Facebook and Instagram account. He is also active on the Twitter page. Besides that, more information related to his interview, personal and the professional life can be obtained from various sites as well. He also has got a page in Wikipedia, IMDb, and other sites.

Net Worth and Salary

Ryan Paevey has been flourishing his charm in the showbiz industry. He has appeared in several videos and became the heartthrob of many fans. Ryan Paevey earns a pretty likely amount of salary and has good net worth.

Ryan Paevey net worth is around $400 thousand dollars. His source of income is his acting and modeling career.

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