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Ryan Dorsey is a well know actor fir the movies Groovin on, Unspoken and also Justified starting from 2010 and is born in 1984, 1st july and is going to turn 31 years old (age) in the 2015 coming month of july. Ryan is very talented person and is a great looking model as he is also in the modeling industry, Ryan is originally from West Virginia where he started and grew up until he soon apply went for modeling and then became a great looking charming guy with great body and acting skill for a actor. Ryan has also been and casted himself in many short movies.

  • Height:

    5 feet 10 inches

  • Date of Birth:


  • Married To:


  • Social Media

Ryan dated Naya Rivera ( girlfriend) and eventually married her Naya (his wife) and rumours are they are soon seeing a child in their family. Ryan married her in the month of July 2014 in Mexico, Ryan is all over imdb and has ton’s of twitter followers and fans, people recognize him easily and ask autographs especially girls. Ryan and his wife are interviewed and asked how they met and how the things went and many more, Ryan is about 5 ft 10 inch in height and is a great guy.

Ryan (stats) loves outdoor sports and goes to the nearest beach in the holidays for some relaxation with his family and wife, Ryan also comes up in the cover magazine photo of men’s wear and lots of modeling line such as ramp walk and much more. Ryan like to wear stylish fashions and sometime simple fashion which eventually depends upon his mood and time. Ryan is a cool man with simple view and enjoyment in life and also plays lots of game (sports, video games). Ryan like golf and love the move Forrest Gump, Ryan is also now in instagram and building up followers over there too.

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