Rudi Bakhtiar is a well-known producer for Thomas Reuters Television. She is known across the globe for hosting a major national three-hour long news cast in the USA called “CNN Headline News Tonight”. She also has anchored other high profile newscast for CNN which includes Anderson Cooper 360.She has working experience of over a decade for major international news agencies i.e. CNN, Voice OF America, and Reuter News. her bio includes the following details. 

She joined the news agency CNN in the year 1996 and held numerous positions in her 9 years at the cable news network which included “CNN Headline News Tonight”. She also got chance to co-anchor CNN’s Emmy nominated CNN Newsroom and worked as a dedicated correspondent for the Anderson Cooper 360. Throughout her cable news career, she reported on different assignments from various countries in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East which included Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Iran, Israel, and the Palestine territories. She also anchored the start of the coverage of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the CNN.

In the year 2008, she altered the careers to become the first Director of the Public Relations to an organization which is dedicated to build inclusive and representative voice for Iranian Americans. She also produced a mini documentary named “Profiles of Iranian Americans”  which basically focused towards the lives of successful Iranian Americans. She also created the organization’s signature star-studded community event named “Passing the torch of Success” before she got pushed out of the organization because of her strong stance on Iran’s human rights violations.

She was born to the immigrants of Bakhtiari heritage, her father died because of oro[harygeal cancer in the year 2005. She also has a younger brother and a sister. Her father’s uncle’s name is Shapour Bakhtiar who was the last Prime Minister of Iran under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Her great grandfather’s name is Sardar Jang.

When she was about two years of age, her family moved out to Los Angeles from California. When she was five years, they moved back to Iran and she was raised in the same country till the Iranian Revolution in the year 1979. Her family moved back to the States when she was seventeen years of age. She loved to ride horses when she was a child. Other of her hobbies included rafting, snow skiing, tennis, yoga, oil painting.

She went to the University of California situated at Los Angeles and received a Bachelor of Science in the field of biology in the year 1990.She also studied architecture at the Harvard School of Design.

She is a huge fan of New York Yankees and Los Angeles Lakers. In the year 2009, she served as an official festival judge for the Noor Iranian Film Festival in Los Angeles. She is also seen posting stuffs on twitter and instagram. She also has not been in a relationship, so she does not have a boyfriend and is not dating anyone. She also has been seen in some movies in Hollywood.



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