Rory McCann is a Scottish actor who was born in the year 1969, 24th April which makes his age 47 years at present. He is best known for his role as “The Hound” in the famous television series named Game of Thrones which is a novel adaptation of the book named “Song of Ice and Fire.” His bio includes the following details.

He was born in the city of Glasgow in the Scotland. He has a sister whose name is Sally-Gay McCAnn who was born in the year 1972. Before being an actor he was a forester who studied at the Scottish School of Forestry. He also used to work as a bridge painter, landscape gardener, and carpenter.

His job as an actor was debuted in the movie named Willow which was produced in the year 1988. He got fired because he used to laugh during the takes. He then appeared in the advertisement for the Scott’s Porage Oats where he dressed in a vest and kilt. He played the character off a disabled personal trainer as his first main acting role in the year 2002 in a comedy drama in the television named The Book Group which also won him the best television performance for the year 2002.

He has taken roles as Detective in the series named State of Play; the character of Peter th Great in the series Peter Paradise and a priest in the award winning comedy drama named Shameless.

He made his entry in the Hollywood through the movie named Alexander in the year 2004 which required all of its actors to go through a bootcamp in the African desert and which included shooting in Morocco, Thailand and London studios. In the year 2007, he appeared in the series movie named Hot Fuzz as Michael. In the year 2008, he acted as Moby in the movie named The Crew and as Atilla in a docudrama named Heroes and Villains.

He has acted as Sandor Clegane was also known as the hound that got half his face burned up because of his brother in the series Game of Thrones.

He is currently working on the television series named Banished which is based on a plot of the 18th century. He will be playing the character of a blacksmith named Marston.

His younger sister works in the costumes for movie and television; he has worked along her side in the movie Alexander and the series Game of Thrones. He is a supporter of the Scottish Green Party and he even appeared in the 2007 Scottish Parliament general election broadcast.

In the year 1990, he got himself severely injured during an accident in the Yorkshire. He broke multiple bones at the time of rock climbing.

He used to be a front man for a band named Thundersoup and he plays guitar, piano, mandolin, and banjo. He is famous for his solitary lifestyle because he often fancies living in a boat or the places without any modern conveniences. He has an estimated net worth of around 2 million USD. He seems to enjoy social network because he seems to be updating his twitter account very frequently. No information about his married life and relationship status is available on the web. He also has given interview to many medias. 



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