Roger Eugene Ailes is an American television executive. He was born in the year 1940, 15th May, 5 years of age at present. He is the Chairman as well as the CEO of the FOX News and the Fox Television Stations Group. He was the media consultant for the Republican presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George W. Bush. His bio includes the following details.

He was born and raised in the factory town of Warren situated at Ohio. His father name is Robert Eugene Ailes and his mother’s name is Donna Marie; his father was a factory maintenance foreman. He has been suffering from hemophilia and had to be often hospitalized as a youth. He went to Warren city school and he later joined in the Warren High School’s Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. Since his father was abusive, his parent got divorced in the year 1960. In the year 1962, he received a Bachelor degree from the Ohio University in Athens situated at Ohio.

His career as a television personnel began in Cleveland and Philadelphia where he started to work as a property Assistant in the year 1962, producer in the year 1965 and executive producer in the year 1967-68 and then in some locally produced talk variety show. He continued his career as an Executive Producer for the tv shows when it got syndicated nationally and in the year 1968, he was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Awards for this.

 In the year 1988, he wrote a book along with Jon Kraushar titled as You are the Message: Secrets of the Master Communicators where he has discussed some of his philosophies and plans to create successful performance in the public’s eyes.

In the year 1997, July, it was reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Ailes was getting engaged with Elizabeth Tilson and they got married on the 14th of February, 1998. Elizabeth, his wife, is a former television executive and now she is a homemaker and a publisher of The Putnam County News and Recorder. They have a son and the couple along with their son lives at Garrison, New York. He has a long history of friendship with Barbara Walters who is also a journalist and a media personality.

He donated a huge amount of money to the Ohio University in the year 2007 for the renovation of student newsroom. The newly opened facility will double the size of University’s existing newsroom which was last upgraded in the year 1960 and also to allow more students to participate in the school’s WOUB radio station and television programs.

He majored in the field of radio and television when he was in the Ohio University and then he served two years as a manager for the school’s radio station. Starting from the year 1994, he has funded scholarships for the Ohio University students in the telecommunication programs. He has a net worth amounting to 25 million dollars in the market at present. He started at the lowest level and has reached to a summit; he can be taken as a strong source of motivation for youths.



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