Robert Kirkman is an American comic books writer who was born in the year 1978 in the month of November which makes his age 37 years at present.  He is best known for creating the infamous “The Walking Dead” and “Invincible” for Image comics.

Along with writing comics, he is also known for writing Ultimate X-Men and Marvel Zombies for the Marvel Comics. He has synergized his efforts with the co-founder of Image Comics whose name is Todd McFarlane in a series named Hunt. He is one of the five partners in the business and the only one who was not one of its co-founders in the beginning. His bio includes the following details.

His first ever comic book was in the year 2000; it was a superhero parody named Battle Pope which was co-created by him with an artist named Tony Moore; the comic was self-published under the Funk-O-Tron Lable.

While they were in the process of making a new series named Science Dog, he along with fellow artist was hired by the Image Comics to do SuperPatriot miniseries. While they were working on that series, he created the 2002 Tech Jacket which ran for some six issues.

In the year 2003, he and Walker created Invincible for Image’s new Superhero line and the story was about an adolescent son of the most powerful superhero who develops his powers gradually and starts his own career in a superhero. He failed to meet the monthly title and got replaced by Ryan Ottley.

In the year 2005, Paramount pictures announced that it bought the rights to produce the Invincibles and they hired him for the screenplay of the movie.

After the Invincible got launched, he started to write The Walking Dead in the year 203 and in an interview in the year 2012, he said that Image Comics had balked at the publication of comics and what it felt was another zombie story and said that Zombie was part of the alien plot. An artist named Charlie Adlard replaced Tony Moore with the 7th issue.

Regarding his personal life besides the comic story, he has a wife who currently resides in Kentucky. The couple is blessed with a son and he has named his son Peter Parker Kirkman on the Superhero comic of Spiderman. He has been married to his wife for some time now.

In the year 2011, The Walking Dead television series was nominated for the New Series Award at the WGA award show. HE also was nominated in the Best Writing in a drama series at the OTFA television awards show which was held in the year 2013.

He also seems to be an active social network user and he has over 587 thousand fan following on his twitter account which is a huge pool of fans for a comic book writer. He keeps his account updated with his daily feeds of activities. He also owns an Instagram account and in that account as well he has a huge number of fan following; there are about 35 thousand posts made by him on his Instagram account most of which are from the show The Walking Dead.



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