Rick Steves is an American author and TV personality. He has been career focused on the travel to European countries and produces location-specific travel guides. Rick has his own travel show 'Travel with Rick Steves'. He has written several books and also produced numerous travel documentaries.




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  • 1955-05-10
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  • Anne Steves
  • $10 million
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  • Jackie Steves, Andy Steves
  • White
  • The University of Washington
  • Rick Steves’ Europe
  • Edmonds, Washington, United States
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Personal Life

Rick Steves was born on 10th May 1955and is the native of Barstow, California. He currently resides in Edmonds, Washington, United States of America. Although he is well known as Rick Steves, his real name is Richard Steves. Steves is now at the age of 62 and he is of Norwegian descent. He completed his alma mater from the University of Washington. He has a sister named Jan Steves who is an Iditarod racer.

Stevens has already been married and divorced. He and his ex-wife, Anne Steves, remained together till 2010 when they went their separate ways. He also has two children together with Anne, named as Andy and Jackie. It is not well known if he is dating any girlfriend currently as Steves manages a low key profile outside of his public work.


Professional Life

Steve’s first job included being a teacher of travel classes at the Experimental College. The classes were a part of a student run program of non-credit classes at his alma mater, the University of Washington. He has also worked as a tours guide and a piano teacher.

In 1979, Steves wrote his first edition of ‘a book largely inspired by his experience as a travel class teacher. The very following year, Steve published the first edition of his travel skill book. Steves also incorporated the business as "Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door" which was located in Edmonds, Washington, north of Seattle.

 After that, his business grew slowly and steadily. As of today, Steves has written countless of country guide books, city, and the regional guides, phrase books and he have also co-authored “Europe 101: history and art for the travelers”.

Prior to his success as an author, Steves had also expanded his presence in radio, newspaper and mobile applications. Currently, Steves is the host of an American Public Television series called “Rick Steves’ Europe” and he also has a public radio travel show called “Travel with Rick Steves”.

In addition to that, he has also authored specific travel guides for different locations. He also launched a mobile application in 2010 called The Rick Steves Audio Europe™. The app allows one to explore and learn more about various locations in Europe such as Britain, France, Germany and Greece with a virtual tour guide in the form of Rick's audio and collection of radio interviews and which is frequently updated.


Net Worth and Salary

Rick Steves is active in several fields. He is a famous travel writer, activist, author and also a media personality. With plenty of books being written Rick has been earning good amount of money for his living.

Rick Steves has an estimated net worth of $10 million.



Social Media

Rick Steves has his account on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram where he posts several pictures of places he roams around the world. We can get the glimpse of beautiful monuments very well captured from his lens.

On his twitter account there are several tweets on tour guide, he also gives advice on foods and stuff. He also has his own websites ricksteves.com He also has a brief bio of him on a wiki page. 



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