Richard Woods who is a digital marketing agency director by his occupation has now came into the limelight after making his appearance as one of the candidate of the British reality show known as The Apprentice. At present, he is residing in Windlesham, Surrey. He has now reached at the age of 31. He has described himself as the self assured as well as ambitious and he also says that his only regret is not becoming a millionaire before he turned to 30.

The proudest business achievement of him till date is building up four profit making companies. He cites Richard Branson as one of his inspirations sue to the business empire that he has created. According to him, he is a Swiss army knife of bouncy skills, business skills, as well as enthusiasm. He has got everything highly tuned and highly chiselled. He has spent the good part of his life residing in Sunningdale, Berkshire.

Moving on to his personal life bio, Woods was born on South American jungle while his parents were adventuring to recover the artefacts from the Aztec temples. He is the face as well as the founding director of a digital marketing agency called Yomp along with his brother who is named as Timothy Woods. His family members also include his sister. Prior to that, he has also started a new venture by releasing a book titled as Digital TrailBlazing those talks about fast track road to become an Entrepreneur.

His book explores how to lasso the new wave of the online marketing by using a unique process which will help you plan, climb as well as summit your very on business growth mountain. He is married to his wife Cara and they have a son named Mylo. Besides that, to know more about him and his nationality, he can be followed in Instagram and Twitter. 


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