Richard Stuart Linklater is an infamous American film director and a screenwriter. He was born in the year 1960, 30th July, age 55. He is famous for his movies which mainly are based on the subject matter of personal relationship, passage of time, and suburban culture. Some of his memorable movies include Dazed and Confused, Before sunrise, Before Sunset, A Scanner Darkly, Boyhood etc.

The movie named Boyhood revolves around the life of a boy from his childhood to the adulthood and was premiered in the year 2014. He also has won Golden Globe Awards, Critics’ Choice Awards for his best direction and best picture. He was nominated in the Academy Awards for the category of Best Director followed by the nominations in the Original Screenplay and Picture. His further bio includes the following details.

Most of his movies are noted to have a loosely structure narratives. Movies, Before the sunset, Before the sunrise and Boyhood featured the same actors for an extended time period. He is also famous for his loyalty towards his actors in the movie. He has worked with Matthew McConaughey and Ethan Hawke in most of his films.

He was born in the city of Houston which is situated at Texas. His father’s name is Charles W. Linklater and his mother’s name is Margaret. He went to Huntsville High School which is located at Huntsville in Texas. He then studied at Sam Houston State University but then dropped out of it so that he could work at an oil rig. He had a habit of studying novels on the rig and when he returned back, he developed his enthusiasm for movies and he used to frequently visit theatres at Houston.

He realized that he wanted to be a filmmaker. He used up all his savings so that he could buy a Super-8 Camera, a projector and some editing equipments. He was greatly influenced by Martin Scorsese, Yasujiro Ozu  and others. He got himself admitted in the Austin Community College in the fall semester of 1984 for the sake of studying films. From his early 20s, he has been a vegetarian and in the year 2015, he explained his dietary styles in his Boyhood-style documentary.

In the 1990s, Slacker was considered to be an accurate depiction of Generation X because the young adult characters were more interested in quasi-intellectual pastimes and in socialization than in the process of career advancements. But, in case of him, he has an old history of eschewed role of generational spokesperson in the Baby Boomer himself and the movie includes different generations and the themes of the movie are rather universal in nature than generation specific.

His movies consists of non-formulaic narratives with random occurrences which often spans for about 24 hours an they have been in the market as an alternatives for contemporary Hollywood market driven blockbusters now and then. He emphasizes on unorthodox narratives and philosophical talks over the physical actions.

He is married to Christina Harrison and they seem to be living a happy life as husband and wife together. He does not seem to be a social media  type of person, he does not own a twitter or instagram accounts of any kind.



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