American author, journalist and chief foreign correspondent for NBC News, Richard Engel is known for his unusual courage in covering the crisis and wars in the middle east like no other reporter. The following is a bio compiled of Engel, whose height is 5 feet 6 inches and has an approximated net worth of $4 million.

Currently of age 43, Engel was born in New York City on 16th September 1973. His mother was very tensed about Engel's future as he was dyslexic in his childhood. Married until 2005 to somebody who also studied in Stanford University, Engel married Mary Forrest, a producer by profession in May 2015. His wife gave birth to their first child on September 2015.

Attending one of the most competitive prep-school in the college level in New York City, the Riverdale Country School, Engel occasionally wrote for The Stanford Daily while attending Stanford University from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, in 1996. He also worked as an intern for CNN Business News for one summer, though he wasn't paid for it. Upon completing university education, Engel went to live in Cairo, Egypt where he spent the next four years working as a freelance journalist and also learning Egyptian Arabic in the mean time. He has stated that he felt attracted to journalism because it provides the means of learning about new things and allows a person to participate in the events that happen, rather than simply be a bystander or witness.

Engel has been very daring in his efforts to cover every aspect of the armed crisis that occurred during the War in Iraq, the Syrian Civil War and Arab Spring. He worked in 2003 for ABC News as a freelancer covering the start of the Iraq War, and then in May 2003 joined NBC News. Engel is fluent in Arabic, Italian and also Spanish. He got assigned in 18th April, 2008 to his current post as the Chief Foreign Correspondent for NBC News. He had worked as Middle East correspondent and the Chief of Beirut Bureau earlier for NBC.

With over two dozen of prestigious awards won for his willingness to risk his life for the sake of journalism, Engel has been the target of many kidnapping attempts, ambushes, and bombings. Being a firsthand witness to whatever happened in the wars that he covered by constantly gaining information from both sides of the camp, he was requested by the Bush administration to hold a private meeting George W. Bush, the then President of the US to discuss the American government's policy for Middle-East and Iraq. Based on his experiences, he has also brought out highly acclaimed War Zone Diary - a documentary on Iraq War, and two books titled A Fist in the Hornet's Nest and War Journal : My Five Years in Iraq.

Engel and his crew were kidnapped in Syria on December 2012, but they all escaped after spending five days as captives. It can be said honestly, that Engel has been brave throughout his career even when other journalists around him pulled back fearing for their safety and lives. His salary isn't disclosed at the moment.



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