Rachel Lindsay is one of the contestants who made her appearance in the new installment of the reality TV program “The Bachelor”. She along 29 other women are after the bachelor Nick Vaill on the 21st season of the show. According to the Reality Steve, Lindsay is the recipient of the first impression rose, so she might definitely be one of the main girls. There is no any details found about her dating history and a previous boyfriend.

Now, let us gain few more information related to the bio of Lindsay which has been extracted from various sources. She is a lawyer by her profession. She came from Dallas and she has now reached the age of 31. She came into this world in January of the year 1986. Her age is an appropriate age for getting serious about the marriage and for Nick who is 36 years old. According to the social media information, she is the native of Oak Cliff, Texas, United States.

She went to get her education from the First Baptist Academy, Dallas from where she got graduated in 2003. She is a perfect combination of beauty with brain. According to the LinkedIn profile of her, she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and Sports Management which she has gained from the University of Texas. In addition to that, Rachel is also the graduate of Marquette University Law School.

Her resume includes her working as an events and attractions intern for the NBA. AT present, she is an attorney at the Cooper and Scully C.P. Prior to her very serious professional background, there are the pictures swirling around and in that pictures, she can be seen smooching Nick.

Rachel Lindsay is one of the most popular and loved celebrity on the television screen whom we’ve been knowing and seeing daily. Some of you may also be the fan of her since a long time as well as some of you may also love to access some other news related to her. Some of us may also have the information regarding her family, personal life, as well as the professional career from different gossip pages, newspaper, and magazines. Lindsay has been active in this field since years and during these periods, she has already gained numbers of fans in her social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The biography of her can also be found on various of the other sites.

Apart from that, Rachel was sued in June of 2013 for negligently failing to control her vehicle thereby causing the collision between the car driven by the plaintiff and her. She then denied the allegations but her insurance company eventually settled for $12500.

Rachel Lindsay stands at the height of 5 feet and few inches that suit her personality. Her weight has not been recorded yet and her zodiac sign is also not known. She also diets to stay fit and healthy. She belongs to American nationality. During her career till now, Lindsay has gained a big amount of the salary and the net worth of her is estimated to be in thousands.



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