There are a few who lead by example while most take comfort in following others. In sports, coaches are those who take charge of the players and lead them to victory. It does depend also on the effort put in by the players, but when it comes to praise or backlash, it's mostly the coach that is on the front line. R.C. Buford (full name Robert Canterbury “R.C.” Buford) is the general manager of the NBA team San Antonio Spurs.

Who doesn't get curious to know more about the teams they love and see on TV or in the magazine, right? Maybe, you've just known about them through sports websites, or may have been a long time dedicated fan. The people other than the players themselves are also important and are such big parts of the players' lives, it is only natural that we be interested in them. Buford is one such person who was born in 1960 and is American by nationality. His age is around 55 to 56. Let's find out more about him through the short bio compiled from various sources below.

According to many websites on the internet, Buford's popularity as a sports manager is growing every day, and we can surely hope that the future holds great fame and accolades for him. Back in 2002, he was made the GM (general manager), after spending 5 seasons as team president. He also is the president of Spurs Sports & Entertainment, a sports franchise. Buford faced charges in 2011 for driving and crashing into a fence, and it was later found that he had been intoxicated.

His career has been a unique one, since he has a lot of trades, draft picks, and signings under his belt and his decisions regarding all three of these have turned his team into a force to reckon with. The Spurs have won 5 NBA championships under his management (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2014). He also won the prestigious NBA Executive of the Year award two times, one for the 2013-2014 season and another for the 2015-2016 season.

It is of utmost importance for everyone to create a virtual image and goodwill through their presence on social media. Buford doesn't seem to have both twitter or Instagram pages, but there constant posts about him on these sites' channel for his team, the San Antonio Spurs. Buford seems to have a very private life away from social media, but his popularity cannot be denied just because of not having an online presence. You could actually follow him on sports websites to stay updated on what's happening in his personal as well as professional life.

A celebrity's success is to be measured by the lives they have touched and impacted on, still it is necessary to know how successful they have been financial. Buford's salary must be really good as can be guessed from the salary the players have been receiving. After all, he has been a part of some exciting basketball action over the years. His efforts as a basketball manager rightly deserve all the recognition and fame that he has acquired so far.

Buford is married to Beth Boozer Buford, and Chase Buford is his son who played for Kansas Jayhawks. The couple also has a daughter named C.C.



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