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Princess Leia is the fictional character in Star Wars franchise which is portrayed in the films by an actress Carrie Fisher. She is characterized as driven, and dedicated woman with forceful personality. She is the petite, fair skinned human female and is known perhaps as a most beautiful as well as remembered woman in Star Wars Universe. Princes Leia was loved by Luke Skywalke before they discovered about their sibling relationship, Han Solo, Prince Isolder before he met Teneniel Djo and others. In The Shadows of The Empire novels, Princess Leia is seduced by crime lord Prince Xizor who bewitches her with the pheromones. Chewbecca then manages to break the seduction which allowed Leia to defeat the gangster.

A Woman warrior Leia frequently takes part in the combat operations. Leia is an excellent sharpshooter missing rarely if ever with a blaster. She kills Jabba the Hutt among the other villainous characters by shocking him with very chain that bound her to him. She is also responsible for the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn since she turns Noghri against him. By redeeming her brother, Leia also helps to bring about the descriptions of Clone Emperor. Leia even kills Dark Jedi named Kueller with blaster rifle right before he was about to deal the fatal blow to Luke.

The character of Princess Leia is played by an actress Carrie Fisher. Prior to playing the role of Leia, she is also an novelist, screen writer as well as performance artist. She came into this world on 21st October of the year 1956 which has now made her at the age of 59. She has been active in the field since the year 1973 and from that time, she has garnered a huge numbers of fans following and a lot of popularity. She stands at the height of five feet and one inches that is 1.55 m. She is the native of Beverly Hills, California and is the daughter of Eddie Fisher and wife Debbie Reynolds. Her father was a singer whereas her mother was an actress.

Moving on to her personal life biography, Carrie has already got married as well as divorced too. She was previously married to her then husband named Paul Simon. The pair tied their knot with each other in August of the year 1983. They remained together till they got divorced in July of the next year. Before getting married, they were in relationship from 1977 till 1983. After their divorce also they dated for few time. After that, she started dating her then boyfriend Bryan Lourd who is the Creative Artists Agency principal as well as casting agent. They also have a child together whom they have named as Billie Catherine Lourd whom Carrie gave birth on 17th July of 1992. She dated Bryan from 1991 till 1994.

The cinnamon buns hairstyle of Princess Leia from the Star Wars as well as metal bikini costume from the Return of the Jedi has become the cultural icons of the series. The makeup ideas to get transformed into the character of Leia can also be found in YouTube. More information about her and her quotes can also be obtained from various sources. 

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