Philip John “Phil” Keoghan is the host of the U. S. version of The Amazing Race on CBS. He is the creator and host of No Opportunity Wasted. The Amazing Race has won the Primetime Emmy Awards for the Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. He was also awarded the World Class New Zealand Award in the ‘creativity’ category and Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding Host for Reality-Competition Program. During the Sir Peter Blake Leadership Awards, he was recognized as one of the sex “Emerging Leaders” in 2012.

Phil Keoghan is fond of traveling with his father 

He was born on May 31, 1967, in Lincoln, New Zealand to John Keoghan and Elizabeth. His father is an agricultural scientist. His father was working in Canada so the Keoghan family lived in Canada for a long time and returned to New Zealand only when it was time for Phil to go to High School. He attended St Andrew’s College, Christchurch.

He is said to be married to Louise Rodriguez for more than two decades now. They have a beautiful daughter, Elle, 20. He now lives in Los Angeles, the USA with his wife and Daughter. He says his favorite travel companion is his father.


Phil Keoghan is actually living a “No Opportunities Wasted” life

At the age of nineteen, filming for Spot on 120 feet under water in a 22,000-ton shipwreck he found himself lost in the wreck. He considers that as a near-death experience. The incident prompted him to live life to its fullest. He made a list of things he wanted to do before he dies. Since then he has been living his life accomplishing all the adventures he wants to in front of a TV camera and in more than 100 countries.

He has had a meal on top of an eruption volcano, swam from Asia to Europe across Bosporus, put a golf ball across Scotland and much more. He has broken an unofficial bungee jumping records and there are eight others. He recent adventure is filmed in a documentary “The Ride”. It features his 3,500-mile bike ride from Los Angeles to New York to raise awareness for the National MS Society. His life philosophy is now the title of his bestselling book No Opportunity Wasted (NOW).

The book was also developed into a television series in the US, Canada, and New Zealand. The series is an award winning one. He is a regular motivational speaker in colleges and corporations. Phil Keoghan has always sported his signature necklace everywhere. When asked about it in “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit he revealed that it is an indigenous one from New Zealand and it is for safety over water.


Phil Keoghan lives in a $2.6 million house in Santa Monica, California

He lives in a house which cost him $2.6 million in 2006. He owns houses in Westport, Matarangi, and Santa Monica. He makes $100,000 from a single episode of The Amazing Race. Phil Keoghan estimated net worth of $12 million.


  • New Zealand
  • 5'9"
  • 1967, May 31
  • TV Host
  • Louise Rodriguez
  • $12 million
  • 1
  • White
  • Louise rodriguez
  • St. Andrews College
  • The Amazing Race
  • Emmy Award
  • New Zealand
  • The Amazing Race
  • CBS
  • Taurus
  • John Keoghan
  • Elizabeth
  • New Zealand

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