Born on 21st April 1956 in London, UK, Kominsky is married to Helen, his wife. They are residents of Wiltshire along with their two daughters. Let's look at the bio of this popular celebrity below, who is 60 years of age.

His background in education is different from what he does now. He studied chemistry at Oxford University, but while he was there, much of his time was spent working as a lighting designer for the Dramatic Society (a theatre group), which could explain his interest in directing or writing for TV or films. He also helped produce a very successful stage adoption of Twelfth Night, that co-starred the now Hollywood star Hugh Grant, and also had Rachel Portman, the now known musician/composer as a composer and accompanist for the production.

After his graduation from the Oxford University, he started working as a general trainee for the BBC. At some point, he also worked as a script editor for BBC's Play Department, but within three months be was fired. His expertise began growing as time passed, and he began gathering much attention and critical acclaims to his works. In 1999 in the Outstanding Creative Contribution to TV category, he was awarded a BAFTA Alan Clarke Award.

He has also been honored with the Royal TV Society Fellowship (2006), the FIPA EuroFipa d'Honneur in Biarritz (2005), and the prestigious British Film Institute Special Award for TV Achievement (1988-1989 season). From 2007 to 2010, he was one of the elected embers of the BAFTA TV Committee, and from 2007 to 2010, he was also one of the Founding Board Member of Directors – UK.

The Bournemouth University conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Arts title on him in 2009, and he is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. The list of awards that we have shown above is very less to what he has achieved in his lifetime. If we were to write all the awards that belong to him, then this page wouldn't be adequate because most of his works have been either positively reviewed or have been awarded.

He has often criticized British TV directors for making too many shows. Of course, as a director who has a niche for excellent stuff only, quality will always be more important that quantity. Let's list down his works as follows: The Falkland War: the Untold Story (1987), Afghantsi (1988), One Day in the Life of Television (1989), Shoot To Kill (1990), 15: The Life and Death of Philip Knight (1993), The Dying of the Light (1994), No Child of Mine (1997), Walking on the Moon (1999), Warriors (1999), Innocents (2000), The Project (2002), While Oleander (2002), and Wolf Hall (2015).

Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights (1992) was a film adaptation of the books of the same title adopted for film production by Kominsky. As a writer for TV films, Kominsky is responsible for The Government Inspector (2005), Britz (2007), and The Promise (2011),

With less than 3000 followers on Twitter where he has posted his views on many different subjects, Kominsky seems like an outspoken person judging by his posts on this social media site. It doesn't seem like he has an Instagram account. There are links to his interviews as well as newspaper articles - (so he's an author, too!) - on his Wikipedia page, which could also guide you to find other information about his life.



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