Peter John DeLuise is a famous American actor, producer, and a director who was born in the year 1966, 6th November which makes his age 50 years at present. He is widely known for his role in the FOX television series named 21 Jump Street where he portrayed the character of Officer Doug Penhall. He is also known for directing and writing episodes of the science fiction television series in Stargate franchise, being specific. He is 1.85 meters in height. His bio includes the following details. 

He made his first appearance in the movie named Hot Stuff in the year 1979 but he landed in the role as Officer Doug Penhall in the year 1987 along with other infamous actors which included the Pirates of Caribbean star Johnny Depp. His brother whose name is Michael started in the show during the fifth season where he portrayed the character as the younger brother of the Officer named Joey Penhall.

He is also best known in the world of soap opera for his role as Dagwood in the famous science fiction in the NBC named Sea Quest DSV which started from the year 1994 and ended in the year 1996.

He also made different guest appearances in the television series like The Facts of Life, Booker, Friends, Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, 21 Jump Street.

In the year 1997, he started working in the series named Stargate SG-1 where he was a writer, producer, director as well as the creative consultant. He also has appeared normally in each and every episode of the series that he has ever directed. He had gone to work as the executive producer, writer and director for the Stargate SG-1 and also directed eight of the episodes of the spin-off Stargate Universe. His father, whose name is Dom DeLuise also made a guest appearance in the episode named “Urgo” which was directed by himself. He also made a small but meaningful appearance in the episode “Urgo” as the character transformed as a young man in the United States Air Force uniform.

He also directed the CBC television series named jPod based on the novel written by Daouglas Coupland under the same name which was broadcasted in the year 2008 in the month of January. He also made a small appearance with Johnny Depp in the movie adaptation in the year 2012 In 21 Jump Street. Depp was playing the character of Tom Hanson. There had been some rumor of him dating Sharon stone but no info about his girlfriend is available at present.

This is pretty much about his career, regarding his personal life, he has two siblings, David DeLuise and Michael DeLuise and both of them are his younger brothers. His father’s name is Dom DeLuise and his mother’s name is Carol Arthur.

He has a nephew whose name is Riley DeLuise. He was engaged to Anne Marie DeLuise in the year 2001 in the month of July.

For the sake of his soon-to-be wife, he named the character “Loder” in an episode of “The First Ones” in the series Stargate in the year 1997.

In a movie named Happy which was released in the year 1983, he was with his father, mother and brother in the same movie.

He and his wife is blessed with a son whose name is Jake Dominick DeLuise who was born in the year 2004, 11th April. After the completion of 21 Jump Street, he had wanted to become a full time director.  He has an estimated net worth of over a million dollars.



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