Perenna Kei is a young and beautiful young Billionaire who is born in Hong Kong in 1990 is a Chinese businesswoman and now in the list of young Billionaire. Kei (bio) is also forecasted in the Forbes of 2014 as the youngest billionaire just at the very young age of 24 with a net worth of $ 1.3 billion which is a suprising thing for the people to become young billionaire in a very young age. Kei also has different name, she is called Kei Hoi Ting in Cantonese and next name is Ji Kaiting which is called in Mandarin Pinyin. Kei is beautiful and georgious and always catches attention of her cuteness and kindness.

Kei now owns around 85 % estimated which is of the Logan Property holding from the source of a family trust and also multiple companies and is also a non-executive director of the company. Kei is young and people first find it difficult to forecast weather her choice is actually possible and weather it is applicable and at the end profitable in the long term so older people still have doubt in the way she tackle the business but Kei says it’s the matter of thinking and she don’t make decision in a hurry and thinks for the future too.

Kei is also famous among people and have huge followers as she sometime gives speeches to inspire business people and freshmen to do the business in the correct way, her main business is in China but she is working her way to more and more places to expand her business and make the career to next level, Kei is famous and has a great name and fame and also twitter and facebook followers. Kei is also from a business family and her father also runs real estate company and who is also the Chairman and CEO of that company.

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  • 1990
  • Businesswoman
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  • $1.3 Billion Dollars
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