Peggy Phillips is a woman who has been accused by the police for having sex with her nephew for hundreds of times. Peggy who is now at the age of 43 is the native of Deer Park, Texas. She has now been facing the charges of the sexual assault of a child.

Peggy has been held on the $30000 bond in town of Pasadena. The police of that town say that the abuse happened between the year 2007 and 2009 when the child was just 15 or 16 years old. The authorities have not said why the charges have only been brought against Peggy in the year 2015. She was recently arrested on 4th December.

The Houston Chronicle reports that the nephew of Phillips contact with the police in July of 2015 in Pasadena. He told the cops that soon after he moved in with Peggy he had to got to the hospital for an unknown reason. The nephew also told that during that stay, she crawled into his bed and then touched him inappropriately.

In response to the arrest of Phillips, she posted a biblical meme on her Facebook page. According to her Facebook profile, she attended the high school in Pasadena and went to the 25th year reunion in October of 2015.

Prior to that, the Houston Chronicle reports that Phillips is no more together with her husband. Her nephew told to the cops that she was flirtatious with hi from almost as soon as he moved in causing tension in home. In addition to physical arts, Peggy also allegedly texted her nephew explicit pictures via text message.

The Texas State Law indicates that the person who is found guilty of the sexual assault against the child could face up to 99 years in the prison. Besides that, to get more info related to her bio and other activities, she can also be connected in her Twitter and Instagram pages. 


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