Of Sicilian descent from father's side and Irish ancestry from her mother's side, Patti Scialfa was born on 29th of July, 1953. Her birth-name was Vivienne Patricia Scialfa and she grew up in the Jersey Shore community at New Jersey, U.S. As of 2015, she is 62 years of age. 

As rock fans would probably know, Patti Scialfa is also the member of the E-Street Band, headed by her husband since 1991, famous rock artist Bruce Springsteen. He had met Springsteen earlier in the 80's at the Stone Pony, a bar in New Jersey. Not much in the spotlight as much as her husband is, Scialfa nonetheless has an interesting bio.

Having shown interest in songwriting from early on, she worked as a back-up singer for various New Jersey bar bands after graduating from Asbury Park High School in 1971. She attended college just to propel her ambitions of a musical career and to satisfy parental expectations at the same time. She initially joined the Jazz Conservatory at the University of Miami's Frost School of Music, later transferring to New York University where she earned her music degree.

Having tried since college to get her original materials recorded by submitting them to other artists, Scialfa worked as a busker and waitress after graduating. She began gigging with Soozie Tyrell and Lisa Lowell under the name Trickster, struggling as a songwriter and musician for many years in New York and New Jersey. She finally got her break and got to record with Southside Johnny and David Johansen.

Her distinct vocals can be felt in many of her collaboration in albums of other artists : Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, Buster Poindexter, David Johansen; and also her solo albums : Rumble Doll (1993), 23rd Street Lullaby (2004), Play It as It lays (2007). Her records showcase her innate ability to blend confessional songwriting, impressive vocal range, traditional country, folk and rock music. Her interview with Hawk Radio on 10th April 2011 states that a fourth solo album is underway, with most songs complete and just need to be recorded when time allows.

Though she has denied it by saying that she doesn't intend to do a plastic surgery to lengthen her career, fans have been speculating whether or not Scialfa has been under the surgeon's knife. At over 60 years of age, her facial appearance seems intact and shows no signs of aging. Rumors have been going around a possible rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery.

With three solo albums to her credit and countless collaboration with other artists, Patti Scialfa was inducted into the Rock and Roll in 2004 as a member of the E street Band, that she joined in 1984.

Scialfa and Springsteen married on 8th of June, 1991 after Springsteen's marriage to his then wife Julianne Phillips ended up in a divorce in 1989. The couple moved to Los Angeles to start a family and have 3 children : the first child was born in 1990 before their marriage, their second and third child were born on 1991 and 1994 respectively. The family have moved back to New Jersey since early 90's and they also have homes in Rumson (New Jersey), Wellington (Florida) and Los Angeles. Scialfa manages both her duties as a mother and a musician, and she can be seen absent in many of Springsteen's concerts.

Patti Scialfa's Twitter account (@Patti_Scialfa) has over 390 followers, having started only from 2012 onwards. She also has over 34 thousand followers on Instagram (@officialrumbledoll). 



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