Pamela Geller is a famous American Political Activist and also a commentator. She is a very famous woman as she is best known for her anti Islamic positions and also opposition to Islamic activities and several cases. She is a very hard working person and with such as the proposed construction of the Islamic Community center near the former site of the world trade center.

She has made her view point as anti Islamic which in other word is called Islamophobic. She is also described as a Critic of Radical Islam and also as a Self described as opposing political Islam. Presently she is the president of the American Freedom Defense initiative which she co founded with Robert Spencer. Talking about her bio and other stuff she is originally from Hawlett Harbor which is located in the New York in the US and she has just turned age 56 and is working in the work she has involved her since a early time. Her other name is Pamela Oshry and her main occupation is Political Activist and also as a commentator and former news paper editor.

She was a married woman as she married her husband Michael Oshry in the year 1990 but after 17 years in the year 2007 they divorced even having 4 children. It is said she went to live with her parents but truth is still not seen. She has 3 other sister and grew up in the Hewlett Harbor; she helped her father in his business and learned to speak Spanish too. She has thousands of twitter followers and also has blog and video of herself. As a activist she has done many things and still doing, she also appeared in CNN in some kind of Jewish controversy program and that was to deal with racist people view mostly for the Muslim.

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