If you are a regular audience of television, you must have watched Big Brother series and if you are a regular audience of Big Brother series, then you simply could not have missed the one and only Nikki Grahame. To know more about the very famous television personality, let us start with her bio.

Born Nicola Rachele- Beth on 28th of April, 1982 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, she rose to fame as a housemate on Big Brother 7 in 2006. In addition to that, she is also a model, author and a columnist. According to her, her early childhood was the happiest and the best period of her life. Daddy’s girl that she was, the divorce of her parents, David and Susan, deeply affected the eight year old Grahame. This was worsened by another tragedy in her life when her beloved grandfather, to whom she was very close died from cancer.

And during these times, in one of her gymnastic classes that she was attending, she was told by one fellow gymnast that she looked fat in her leotard, which triggered her life-long battle with anorexia nervosa. Following her parents’ divorce and the death of her grandfather, Nikki was raised by her single parent, her mother Susan. She attended Northwood School, Potter Street, Northwood Hills in London. She has a sister named Natalie, who is two years older than her.

Though at the age of 33, Grahame looks quite stable and calm, she has had a very difficult adolescence, which she spent most of the times in psychiatric hospitals due to anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder, about which this hot Taurus has explicitly written in her two autobiographies; Dying To Be Thin- The True Story Of My Lifelong Battle Against Anorexia published in 2009 and Fragile- The True Story Of My Lifelong Battle Against Anorexia published in 2012. However, she developed obsessive compulsive disorder involving chronic fear of germs while overcoming eating disorder.

With a height of five feet and one inch, this blonde is widely known for her conspicuous temper tantrums on Big Brother. This in one hand divided viewer opinion during her stint on Big Brother but on a brighter side gave her her very own reality television show called Princess Nikki. Following this, she also won a National Television Award for Most Popular TV contender in the year 2006. She has also appeared in advertisement series for Domino’s Pizza. She runs a regular column in OK’s Hot Stars magazine. Also, her notable mention on Big Brother is in the tenth series of Big Brother, where she competed against Karly Ashworth on the occasion of Big Brother Tenth Anniversary Celebrations. Then after, she was placed in the second position in Ultimate Big Brother. More recently, she has returned on Big Brother’s sixteenth series in 2015.

Her boyfriend list comprises of Chris Neal, Pete Bennett, Jack Tweed and Jack Tweedy. She started dating Pete Bennett when they were fellow housemates in Big Brother 7 and eventually got married at Glastonbury Festival and then again in the television reality show called Celebrity Four Weddings. But as the luck would have it, she and her husband got divorced merely after six months of marriage. Grahame can be followed on instagram and twitter. To know more about her, one can also refer to her official website.



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