Nikki Ferrell is widely known for being the former girlfriend of Juan Pablo Calavis who is a former professional soccer midfielder. She is also know for making her appearance on the 18th seasons of The Bachelor. She was rumored to be the villain of the house. In addition to that, Nikki is a model as well as a pediatric nurse by her profession who puts her family first. According to her profile in the ABC, she has got four tattoos as well as a dog.

Nikki is a tall lady with the height of five feet and nine inches. She is the native of Kearney, Missouri, United States. She came into this world on 10th January of the year 1987 which has now made her reach at the age of 28. She is a very beautiful woman with the blonde hair. Her family members also include her brother who has been named as Alex and he currently works at North Kansas City Hospital as well as he had studied at Metropolitan Community College.

When Nikki was asked by the ABC about her favorite kind of dancing, she asked if the drunk dancing counted. Despite that, she also seems to like the game known as Just Dance. She was chosen by Juan Pablo Galavis at end of the 18th season of the Bachelor. But he does not choose her as his bride to be. This is said to be first Bachelor season to not end in the proposal.

Juan wants to date the winner no necessarily get engaged with her. Later, Nikki and Juan ended their relationship in October of the year 2014. Before dating with her, Juan was in relationship with his former girlfriend Carla Rodriguez with whom he has a daughter. Ferrell has a tons of support on her different social medias such as Twitter, Facebook as well as Instagram from her hometown. She also has fans who seem to be falling for her. 


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