Niki Karimi is a famous name in the entertainment industry of Iran and international film festival. Niki Karimi gorgeous lady has been involved in this field since 1989. She plays the role of an actress, director, and screenwriter in the Iranian movie industry. Till now she has been able to win many high profile national as well as international awards for best actress category.  Her documentary and directed movies have also been loved by the audiences.

Niki Karimi has won several awards for her movies and acting

Niki Karimi was very much interested in acting since her school days. Being actively involved in theater from her elementary school period, she was very much inspired to be an actress in her future. Niki Karimi was first seen in the movie 'The Bride' it was a very successful movie where she played the role of the young bride. The movie was directed by Behrooz Afkhami who is very much popular for his unique pattern of portraying human stories in a different point of view.

Before the movie 'The Bride', she was cast in 1989 movie Temptation which wasn’t quite known. Then there comes the next movie 'Sara' directed by Darioush Mehrjouii in 1992 for which she won the best actress award in San Sebastian film festival and in Nates Film Festival in the year1995. Following the success, she was offered several movies.

Later in 1998, Niki Karimi was again honored the Best Actress award in Taorimina Film Fest (1999) for her 1998 movie 'Two Women'. After these awards she was yet given other three awards for the same category for her movies 'The Hidden Half', One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest and The Fifth Reaction.

Now Niki, age 45, is more focused on her directing career, some of the movies she worked as a director for are 'To Have or Not to Have', 'One Night', 'A Few Days Later', 'Final Whistle' and Shift-e Shab. Her A Few Days Later and Shift-e Shab won the Rotterdam festival's Hubert Bals Fund for Best Script and Jury award at Iranian Fajr International Film Festival as the bestscreenwriter, director, and producer.

Is Niki Karimi married? Who can be her husband?

Alright, what do you really think can Niki Karimi be single? She has a cute height of 5.5 feet. She always makes sure not to gain weight.  Born on 10 November 1971, Niki is 45 now and of course she should be married now and in fact, have children with her husband. She has reached the peak of success that she may have got someone as successful as she is.

It is a much-known fact that Niki Karimi is a very secretive person. Getting info about her personal life going through the internet sites is very difficult. It is close to impossible to know who can her lover or husband be.

Even her Instagram mostly consist of pictures related to her work. Neither could we see any ring on her wedding finger. She is either very much possessive about her personal life or she is so much focused on her building her career higher she doesn’t like to be bounded with relationships and responsibilities.


  • Iranian
  • 5.5
  • 10 November 1971
  • Actress, Director and Screen writer

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