Nigella Lawson who is am English television personality, broadcaster, journalist, gourmet as well as food writer was born on 6th January 1960. As a child, she was named as Nigella Lucy Lawson. She is the native of Wandsworth, London, England. She is one of the daughters of Nigel Lawson and his first wife Vanessa. Her parents came from the Jewish families. When Vanessa was at the age of 20, her father and mother got divorced and they both got remarried. She spent some time of her childhood in Welsh Village of Higher Kinnerton. Between her age 9and 18, she moved the schools for nine times. She got educated in several independent schools such as Queen’s Gate School, Ibstock Place School, Westminster School, and Godolphin and Latymar School. Nigella also served at many of the department stores in the London. She then went on to join University of Oxford and got graduated from there with degree in medieval and the modern languages. For certain period of time, she spent in Florence, Italy.

Nigella first job was under the publisher Naim Attallah. She began her career in journalism when she was at the age of 23. She was invited by Charles Moore to write for The Spectator. She then became Deputy Literacy Editor of the Sunday Times in 1986. At that time, she was 26 years old. Hs ethen got embarked upon freelance writing career and she wrote for The Observer, Evening Standard, The Times Literary Supplement and The Daily Telegraph as well as she also penned the food column for the Vogue and make-up column for Times Magazine. She also worked with the Gourmet and Bon Appetit in United States. She then began to work in Talk Radio in 1995 and later after two weeks, she was sacked after she stated her shopping was done for her which was deemed incompatible with radio station’s desired common touch.

She had the sense of cooking since her childhood. Her first book named How to Eat was published in 1998. The book featured the culinary tips on how to prepare and save times. It sold out 300000 copies in UK. After that, she published another book titled Domestic Goddess that focuses primarily on the baking. Her other books includes Nigella Bites, Forever Summer with Nigella, Feast, Nigella Lawson, Nigella Express, Nigella Christmas, NIgella Kitchen and Nigellissima.

Prior to that, she has made her appearance on several of television shows such as Nigella Bites, Top Chef, Iron Chef America, Master Chef Australia, The Taste USA and more. She was hired by the chocolate campany in the year 2014 for appearing in the advertisement which was filmed in the New Zealand in month of May for local confection manufacturer Whittaker’s. in addition to that, she travelled to United States in the year 2013 and she starred in reality cooking show called The Taste along with Anthony Bourdain. The show’s UK version began to air on 7th January of 2014.

To talk about her personal life, Nigella had married twice. She was married to John Diamond who was a journalist. They got married in 1992 in Venice. Nigell and John met with each other in the year 1986 when both of them were writing for the Sunday Times. She has two children a daughter named Cosima and a son named Bruno together with John. Her husband was diagnosed with the throat cancer in 1997 and he died in March of 2001 when he was at the age of 47. Presently,she is married to her second husband Charles Saatchi who is a art collector. The coupe exchanged the vows on September of 2003. Later, in early July of 2013, Charles announced the divorce from Nigella. On 31st July of the same year, they ended the ten years of their marriage and reached to a private financial settlement.

Apart from that, she is now at the age of 54 but she has still managed to look beautiful and young. She stands tall at the height of five feet and seven inches. Previously, Nigella was once an overweight woman but after some period of time, she appeared as a beautiful and hot lady with slender body. She has the body measurements of 39-29-38 inches. In addition to that, Lawson is a supporter of Lavender Trust that gives the support to young women who suffer with the breast cancer. She became involved with the charity in the year 2002. She is active in the social networking sites and to get more updates about her, we can follow her on her twitter account. 



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