Nicole Franzel is the winner of Big Brother season. She is an ER Nurse by profession. She first appeared on screen on Big Brother 16 in 2014. Her performance on her second season of the Big Brother was very much appreciative. She became the first female Houseguest who defeated a male Houseguest in the U.S broadcast series history.


Personal Life

Nicole Franzel was born on 20 June 1992 and is the native of Ubly, Michigan. Her parents are Dave Franzel and Jennifer Franzel whom she loves and adores. She loves traveling and shopping. She watches basketball and hockey. Nicole loves coffee dates too. Nicole has the height of 5.2 feet.

At present, the gorgeous lady is dating Victor Arroyo. She has shared many lovely couple pictures of her and boyfriend Victor. He was the HouseGuest on Big Brother 18 along with Nicole. Before this Nicole dated Corey Brooks and Hayden Voss (2014-2016). Both were the contestants of Big Brother.


Professional Life

Nicole Franzel when entered to the Big Brother house, she was the second youngest contestant. As per Nicole Franzel bio, she always wanted to be on the show when she was very young age. When she applied for the show she introduced herself as a super fan of the show.

While in the show she proved herself as a potential candidate to win the role of Head of the Household for several times a row. There she was even nominated for sixth consecutive time whereas also re-evicted with a vote of 4-0 as the 5th jury member. She ended up in 7th place.

Even when she could not win the show there was revealed that Nicole Franzel was among the top vote-getters for 'America's Favorite Houseguest' and won $25,000. She returned to the Big Brother on its 18th episode along tithe Frank from the season 14 and James and Da'Vonne from 17.

On the season too she was able to win the power of Head of Household twice. She was also given the Power of Veto twice. With many ups and downs, she finally won the contest making history, she became the first female Houseguest who defeated a male Houseguest in the history of the U.S broadcast series.


Net Worth and Salary

Nicole Franzel surely has high net worth as she won $500,000 as her money prize after winning the show Big Brother 18. She is also an ER nurse and she must be having a good amount of salary from her profession. In one of the interview, Nicole said that she has been traveling a lot after winning the show.

She has made her goal of traveling every edge and corner of the state as she has become very obsessed with globes and maps now.



Social Media

Nicole Franzel can be found on Twitter and Instagram. On her Instagram account, she has shared many of Victor's pictures with her. They seem to be very much close and love each other very much. She has also shared photos of her dog and even her car.

Her boyfriend Victor's Instagram can also be found tagged on hers. She has 552 thousand followers on Instagram and 164 thousand on her Twitter account. 



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