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Nick Loeb is an American businessman who was born on 2 August 1975 in United States. His full name is Nicholas Mears Loeb. His father was a diplomat was a US Ambassador to Denmark and he has spent few years as a child in Denmark. His parents separated when he was just one years old. He studied in Collegiate School and Loomis Chaffee School later achieved B.A degree from from Tulane University in management and finance.

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    191 cm

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Initially he worked for Universal Studios and worked in film The Smokers. After moving to Florida he worked for Lehman Brothers. Than he formed his own company Loeb's Food in the year 2006, and Crunchy Condiment Company in 2011. Regarding his personal life he was married to Swedish model Anna Pettersson but the relation ended with divorce. And he than engaged to actress Sofia Vergara but this relation didn't lasted much.

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