Nick Gordons who is the boyfriend of the daughter of Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina Brown was born on 5th may of the year 1990. He is mostly known for being in the close relationship with the Houston family. He is the native of Roswell, Georgia, United States. His girlfriend’s mother Whitney had helped to rose up Nick from his early age and many of the people had suspected that Nick and Bobbi were the siblings though he was never formally adopted by Whitney.

Nick had made his appearance in the short lived reality TV show called The Houstons: On Our Own. In the show, they had announced the news of their engagement. On 31st January of the year 2015, he was present in the bathtub of Bobbi when she was found unconscious there. He was attempting to revive her with the CPR.

There was a rumor in January of the year 2014 that Nick had married Bobbi in the secret ceremony. But the rumor was later revealed to be not true by his girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown herself. The couple first announced about their engagement in October of 2012. Bu later after the months, they called it off. After that, they again announced in July of 2013 that their wedding was back on.

His girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown is an American reality TV as well as media personality and singer. She is now at the age of 22 and she is the native of Livingston, New Jersey United States. She is the daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Apart from that, Gordan has now reached at the age of 24. He also has a tattoo of late Houston. Recently, in March of the year 2015, he had made his appearance on Dr. Phil TV show also had a public emotional breakdown regarding Brown. After the taping of the show, he entered into the rehab. More details about his biography can also be found in various internet sites. Besides that, he is also active in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account. 


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