Nicholas Robertson is a man who was shot while walking away from the two Los Angeles County deputies tried to craw away before the succumbing to his gunshot wounds on Saturday morning. Two deputies fired more than dozen shots at allegedly armed man as he walked away as well as continued to do so after knocking him to ground. The footage of Saturday morning shooting was immediately posted to the YouTube which we can also find it now. The Los Angeles times had reported that the victim, Nicholas had been identified by his family members.

The department of the sheriff says that the shooting happened at the Long Beach Boulevard and the Magnolia Avenue at around 11 am in front of the busy Arco Gas Station. According to the press release, the deputies were responding to the calls for the man with a gun and shots heard. The police say that the witnesses saw Nicholas turn and point a gun at the deputies. After that, the deputies immediately approached him and gave him many commands for dropping the gun. However, he did not comply as well as did not drop the handgun at which time, a deputy involved shooting occurred.

The video of the shooting was recorded in the restaurant across the street from gas station. It does not show the entire incident but it does show Nicholas with his back to deputies. He was at the age of 28 when he died. He went to get his education from the Lynwood High School and got graduated from there.

Moving on to his personal life biography, Nicholas had already got married. He also had three children together with his wife. His family members told to the Los Angeles Times that he used to take good care of his three children. Besides that, Nicholas was also very active in social media like Instagram and Twitter. 


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