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Nia Vardalos is a Canadian actress, director, screen writer, singer, as well as a producer. She was born on 24th September, 1962. She is mostly recognized for her work in 2002 Academy Award nominated movie called My Big Fat Greek Wedding that is based on the one woman stage play she dramatized and in which she starred. She is the native of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. She is the daughter of Constantine Vardalos, a land developer and Doreen, a bookkeeper and homemaker. She went to study at the Shaftesbury High School as well as Ryerson University.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding is the most notable one among all of her exceptional works.

Nia is an alumna of the Chicago based Second City comedy repertory company called Vardalos. She had many small roles in the television and is mostly notable for Two Guys and a Girl and The Drew Carey Show. In addition to that, she had also provided her voice for the 1996 radio adaptation of the Star Wars which was written by Brian Daley for the National Public Radio. She then gained the overnight success with the movie about the struggle of a woman for finding love in My Big Fat Greek Wedding which was based on one woman show that Vardalos had previously wrote for theater and starred onstage.

Nia Vardalos has been able to mark her bio with a number of recognizable works.

Her next film was released in the year 2004 which was titled as Coonie and Carla. The film was a musical about two women who pretend to be the drag queens that also featured David Duchovny, Toni Collette and Debbie Reynolds. Later, Nia made her directing debut in the year 2009 with independent feature called I Hate Valentine’s Day. This was then followed by My Life in Ruins about the misguided tour guide travelling around the Greece and featuring the Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss. He also got collaborated with Tom Hanks in 2011 and wrote a romantic comedy movie Larry Crowne for the screen. Her other filmography and TV credits include An American Girl, Meet Prince Charming, Car Dogs, Helicopter Mom, Boy Meets World, Law & Order: SVU, Marry Me, and more.

Nia Vardalos and her husband Ian Gomez have a daughter together.

To talk about her personal life biography, Nia is a married woman. She is married to her husband Ian Gomez who is also an actor. The couple exchanged their vows with each other on 5th September of the year 1993. Nia and Ian also have one child, a daughter named Illaria whom they have adopted in 2008. They are living their life happily and they must be thinking of having more children. Nia was a vegetarian for eleven years before her family wore her down. Nia is very hard worker and is very dedicated towards her work.

Nia Vardalos’s net worth is estimated to be one fourth of that of her husband who is as active as her on instagram and twitter

Apart from that, Nia has now reached at the age of 52 but she has still managed herself to look young, beautiful as well as charming. It was in the year 1999 when she became a U.S. citizen. She had also written a post with an advice about adaptation process at The Huffington post. She stands tall at the height of five feet and six inches. She was once nominated for 1994 Joseph Jefferson Award for an Actress in a Revue for the Whitewater for Chocolate at the Second City Theatre in the Chicago, Illinois. Her net worth is around $10 million. Besides that,she has to undergo weight loss because of her blood sugar and thyroid issues. Nia is also active user of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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