An English radio DJ as well as a TV presenter Neil Fox is widely known for multiple of the years as Dr Fox before her became Foxy in 2000s. Although he is now known by the name Neil Fox, as a child, he was named as Neil Andrew Howe Fox. He is the native of Harrow, Middlesex, England. He came into this world on 12th June of the year 1961 which has now made him at the age of 54.

As a boy, Neil moved to the Thames Ditton, Surrey. There,, he lived for numbers of years. He then went to get her education from the Kingston Grammar School located in London. After that, he joined the Air Training Corps before becoming the management student at University of Bath where he joined student radio station called University Radio Bath.

It was after that when Neil started his career as the radio presenter using pseudonym Andrew Howe. After leaving the university, he began to work as binliner salesman. During his childhood, Fox enjoyed making trip to Adams Park for watching Wycombe Wanderers which is a team he holds close to his heart. Besides that, Fox was one of the 200 public figures in August of the year 2014 who were signatories to the letter to The Guardian opposing the Scottish Independence in run-up to September’s referendum on that issue.

In the year 1984, Fox started his professional career on what is now Free Radio Herefordshire & Worchestershire located in Hereford, and Worchester. He started off with the show known as Mellow Yellow which was broadcast on Friday and Saturdays nights. The next year, he took over weekday evening show before moving to their weekday afternoon show. In addition to that, he had also presented the Saturday Morning Show for that station. Fox remained there until late 1986 and after that, he joined Radio Luxemberg in February of 1987. The same year, he joined the Capital Radio in October.

Prior to that, Fox was arrested on 30th September of 2014 at the Magic FM Headquarters by the police investigation claims of historical sex offences. He was then released on bail until December of 2014. He then remained on the bail until late March when he was again charged with nine sex offences against the six people among whom, three were under 16 years old. HE is married to his wife Victoria Thornton and their marriage has produced three children. Besides that, he is also active in Twitter and Instagram. 

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