Ndamukong Suh wiki, twitter, stats, salary

Ndamukong Suh is a big man who is a heavy build up NFL player which is the American football its next name, Suh is the NFL or say American football player born in 6th January 1987, Suh played from the college football for the university of Nebraska and later he drafted by the Lions in the end of 2010. Suh is a very highly skilled player and loves the game so much that he does long duration training, Suh is often ranked as one of the best and most respected player in the game. Suh has also won different awards and won numerous numbers of awards including best Associated press college football player of the year and many more. Suh is also one of the player who once was also criticized as one of the aggressive player in the game, Suh i most of the time considered as the most dominant defensive tackle in the NFL game series.

Suh (bio) is originally from Portugal, Oregon and he I presently 29 years old (age), Suh has a tall height of 6 feet and 4 inch and in cm its about 193 cm and  is one of the best counted players of all time and even in the present day. Suh started his early career life through college team and build his way up to present stats and has earned many awards and his name is s well known player, Suh is presently in contract with lions team and doing well at present with his toughf nature, Suh is also called in espn for his interview, and motivating others in their channel and many more. Suh is also sponsored by different media and company of accessories and t-shirts, Suh is a hard player and has millions of followers in twitter and has a great monthly salary in his and is living in a quality stats.

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