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Nathalie Emmanuel is a very famous and talented woman who is an English Actress and best known for her role as she played as an Interpreter named Missandei on the famous HBO fantasy series which is called the Game Of Thrones and also as a computer hacker in the latest move of Furious with the role of Ramsey and she did a great character and role in the movie and looks very beautiful and hot. She is a very hard working woman with great talent and dedication to her work and career since her first step to the career line of the industry and is doing great. Talking about her bio and other stuff, she is originally from Southend-on-sea which is located in Essex in England and has just turned age 26 as she is born on the 2nd of March in the year 1989. She is best known by her occupation as an actress and started her career since the year 2006. 

  • Height:

    170 cm

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    Not Yet

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Emmanuel credits her mom for the beginning inspiration to turn into a performing artist, "When I was 3 and she began dropping me off at school, I generally brought on such a colossal show, to the point that my mother chose possibly I ought to station it all the more legitimately — so she began me on acting, singing and moving classes. At 10 years old, she played Youthful Nala in the West End generation of The Lion King. She showed up on the show until 2010, her character's also shares her story which included prostitution, and drug addiction. She has tons of twitter and instagram followers and has played in many movies all together and has great height and has a unique hair styles according to time. She is also a well educated person in education and in her career but it is still not fixed and shared that who is her boyfriend or who is she dating. 

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