Natalia Lima is a stylist and a model who has now come to the limelight after having an affair with Ed Henry who is a Fox News Reporter. According to the In Touch Story, Henry and Lima first got connected through the Twitter page. It was in May of 2016 when the In Touch Magazine revealed that they were dating for ten months. In the In Touch Story, Lima has mentioned that she last met her boyfriend Henry in February 2016. Natalia belongs to an American nationality.

Lima was grown up in Washington State. She also goes by the name “Natalia Corrine” and “Natalia Albrandt”. She went to get her education from the South Seattle College. She has now reached at the age of 38. Lima is a very beautiful woman with a very perfect and attractive body figure. She also stands at a tall height which matches her personality.

She is mostly known for being the stylist as well as friends with a Brazilian Instagram model Ana Braga. In March 2015, Lima and Braga were both pictured together hitting the beach in Miami. In January, Braga told to her 44000 followers on her Twitter page that Lima was running VIP Packages for Super Bowl.

According to her profile at the Model Mayhem, Lima refers to herself as a sort of tomboy who enjoyed 4 wheeling, BMX and showing horses. She had also told that she was grown up in Washington State. In addition to modeling, Lima also works as an event organizer, stylist as well as a multi-level reseller of the multivitamins.

She is a Christian and her political views depend on who is in the office. She has also said that she has been in the movies along with Adam Sandler and Tyler Perry. She had also made her appearance in the music video for Dokkaebi, JackEL & DJFNA’s songs entitled as Too Young to Die. Besides that, more info related to her bio can be obtained from various sources.


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