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His Vine videos were staple diet for the internet frenzy public back in 2013, with over 12 million followers on Vine as of July in 2015. Born on 28th December 1997 in Greensboro, North Carolina, Grier began posting his comedy videos on the newly released application Vine while still a freshman at Davidson Day School.

Born in a family of 3 siblings (an elder and a younger brother) and a half-sister (born with his mother's current husband), Grier's biological father Chad Grier is one of his managers currently. From a regular Vine user to a famed internet personality, Grier has seen much growth despite a few controversies that surfaced in the earlier phase of his Vine career in 2013; for example the homophobic remarks he made towards a OraQuick oral HIV test advertisement, the 9 minute long YouTube video “What guys Look for in Girls” featuring JC Caylen and Cameron Dallas, and various racist remarks on multiple occasions.

First popular among classmates and friends, Grier's popularity quickly spread to outer public. He was a part of MAGCON (Meet and Greet Convention - a touring group that allows fans to meet their favorite internet personalities) that toured various cities in the U.S. in between 2013 and 2014 alongside other Vine celebrities such as Matthew Espinosa, Jack Johnson, Taylor Caniff, Jacob Whitesides, Mahogany Lox, Hayes Grier, Carter Reynolds, Shawn Mendes, Aaron Carpenter, Jack Gilinsky, and Cameron Dallas. Later, Grier and a few of the above Vine celebrities quit MAGCON fearing that it would limit their potential and opportunities to fulfill other goals. In 2014 at the age of 16, Grier decided to move to Los Angeles in California and bought his first apartment with fellow Vine-r Cameron Dallas with 2 goals in mind: first, to be near their management 26MGMT, and second, to pursue acting careers. For nine months, they stayed there with their photographer Bryant Eslava until their eviction. Grier also began (and recently completed) online schooling to finish his high school upon moving to California.

Grier has had 7 films to his credit, including a full length feature movie titled The Outfield that was premiered on 10th November, 2015 on iTunes. Grier and Dallas had earlier signed a contract with Fullscreen for the film that features the story of a baseball player portrayed by Grier, who wants to play for the State, but whose natural talent for art is discovered by a new teacher. Grier must fight his inner turmoil to choose between baseball and art in a quest of personal discovery vs social obligations. The music video for Bera's “I Look Good On You” was also directed by Grier and released on his own YouTube channel. Grier's management has also released popular apps and games like Mobli, Challenged, and Cash Dash. Grier's fans can also buy his merchandise from his official website, and also a clothing line UnitedXXVI which is partly designed by Grier, his brother Hayes and friend Dallas.

Nash was seen dating Taylor Giavasis back in 2015, and it can be presumed that she is his current girlfriend. His net worth as of 2015 was supposed to be over $1 million, and has a height of about 6 feet.

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