A very popular name “Naeem Khan,” is widely known for being an Indian-American fashion designer. He is based in New York. In addition to being a designer, Khan is also a CEO for Naeem Khan which was launched in 2003. The designs of him have been worn by many celebrities which also include Carrie Underwood, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Leighton Meester, Kendall Jenner, Brooke Shields, Diane Kruger as well as by the First Lady Michelle Obama. Prior to becoming a designer, Khan also has a makeup academy in Yorkshire where he trains about Bollywood makeup, fashion makeup, bridal makeup, Arabic, and glamour makeup.

A popular designer, Naeem Khan is the native of Mumbai, India. He came into this world on 21st May of the year 1958 which has now made him reach the age of 57. He was brought up in Cumbala Hill area of Mumbai. His undying love for the clothes and dresses comes from his grandfather Shamsuddin Khan who was in embroidery business in the early 1930s. His career as a designer started while in New York when his parents took the notice of his love for clothes and then encouraged him for pursuing his career in fashion design.

Apart from that, Khan has been married to his wife Ranjana Khan and she is also a fashion model who turned into jewellery designer. She is also from Mumbai though the pair met with each other in New York. His collection of luxury, bridal wedding dresses, is also available in Colorado only at the Little White Dress Bridal Shop located in Denver. More details regarding his biography and other activities can be accessed from various sources and he can also be connected to his Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Additionally, he also has his own website www.naeemkhan.com. We can also learn about him from his website as well as other internet sources.

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