Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky is basically known as an American television personality, activist and also a fashion designer. Monica Lewinsky is a famous White House intern who had a relationship with the president. After the scandal was over and the relationship of the then President was confirmed she instantly gained huge international recognition. Since then she very regularly comes in the news regarding her life and the work she is doing now. But Monica Lewinsky has been able to keep her matter of personal life her boyfriend a secret. 

  • Height:

    5.6 inches

  • Date of Birth:

    23 July 1973

Monica Lewinsky's father escaped from Nazi Germany and then moved to States

Monica Lewinsky was born on 23 July 1973. Originally she is from San Francisco and that’s in California. She is the daughter of an oncologist named Bernard Lewinsky and mother Marcia Kay Vilensky. According to wiki, Monica Lewinsky father was the son of a German Jews and he fled away to El Salvador than to the U.S when he was at the age 14.

Later in 1987, Monica's parents got divorced which was a very big shock to her. Later her father married Barbara. Monica's mother too married R. Peter Straus who is a media executive and former director of the Voice of America.


Monica Lewinsky started her internship as an unpaid summer trainee

Monica Lewinsky in the year 1955 got into the White House as an unpaid summer intern in the office of White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta. Later after the completion of her internship, she became the paid member of White House Office of Legislative Affairs.

The accusation she and the then President of America Bill Clinton faced was denied in the beginning. However, President Clinton admitted to having had an inappropriate relationship with her. The proof of their love, as well as sexual relationship, made her well-known all over the world. Later the news about the gift that Clinton gave to Monica Lewinsky also came around, it was a blue dress.  


Monica Lewinsky opened herself about the scandal

The news of the scandal was all over news which picked up a fast pace and also misbalanced the way people viewed her. As the result of the scandalshe unexpectedly gained a worldwide publicity. Regarding affair, she stated, "I'm well-known for something that isn't great to be well-known for."

After the scandalshe surely had a hard time to emerge but she amazingly with support emerged in the public and is liked by everyone and is late she also took a public stand against Cyber Bullying and called herself as Patient Zero. She stood against social discrimination and is praised for her support as it really brought changes in the society and the world that people live in.


Monica Lewinsky's life after scandal

As being said Monica had a really tough time getting away from the eyes of the media and public. She was the main matter at that time and different magazines like TIMES, Ms. Magazine, New York magazinecovered her. After surviving the attention of the media later from 2000 she began appearing in the television commercials. It was for the Jenny Craig, Inc which was a diet company.

She became the spoke person for the company and made the endorsement deal of $1 million. The main reason that she disclosed for her coming back to media again was for her earning and pays off legal fees. Later she moved to New York and even started her fabric and handbag business. She also worked as a reporter for the Channel 5 in the United Kingdom.


Monica Lewinsky found a new way to life as she could not escape from the media

Monica Lewinsky in May 2014 for Vanity Fair wrote an essay titled 'Shame and Survival'. There she disclosed about her life and the scandal. There was a claim that the relationship she had with Bill Clinton was mutual however Clinton took advantage of her. Monica Lewinsky scandal even made songwriter to write song lyrics on Bill Clinton statement.

In the same year, Monica Lewinsky gave an interview for the National Geographic Channel titled 'The 90s: The Last Great Decade' about the scandal. Before that,  Monica Lewinsky moved to London and to get her further education in social psychology at the London School of Economics and also completed her masters in science degree. 

Monica Lewinsky even stood against cyberbullying as she was one of the sufferers and there was lots of memes made of her on the internet. Currently, she has been giving lots of interviews and working as a well-known activist.  Monica Lewinsky enjoys the total net worth of $500 thousand dollars. 

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