Momofuku Ando wiki, bio, age, noodles

Momofuku Ando was famous inventor and business man who was born on 5 March 1910 in Kagi County in Puzi, Taiwan to a wealthy Taiwanese family. His family owned a textile store which motivate him to start his own textile company. Later he moved to Japan and became citizen there where he was jailed for two years due to tax evasion.

Japan after war was facing serious food shortage. Government encourage people to eat bread instead of noodles which was more familiar to Japanese people. After some years of experiment he came to idea of first package of pre cooked instante noodles called Chikin Ramen with premium price but later after it went on to become a real hit product the price of the product was kept down. According to data provided in the year 2007 world wide demand reached 98 billion serving.

Its still one of the most fast and cheapest way to kill your hunger and is famous not only in Japan but around the world. He died in the year 5 January 2007 in Ikeda at the age of 96. He has two sons and a daughter and says his long life was because of playing golf and eating Chicken Ramen almost everyday. He has been honoured by Japanese Government and Emperor with The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star. Medal of Honour with Blue Ribbon, Medal of Honor with Purple Ribbon, Director General of Science and Technology Agency " Distinguished Service Award". There are two museum dedicated to him. Momofuku Ando Day is celebrated everyear in Texas. 

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