Mohammed Shami is a very good player of the talented one and is well known player in the cricket world. He is born in 9th March 1990 and is from the Indian International Cricket team with all his talented skill with the team.  He’s a right handed batsman and also a right handed bowler, he bowls medium fast bowling and is great in that and has trained countless hours in the field since his start to reach the place that he is now among millions of challengers. He is a great man and also bowled a great record of four maiden overs and has also picked up 5 wickets on his test debut against West Indies in November 2013.

He is a great player as he is most of known for hi Revere Swing Specialist bowling in the field.  He is famous for his bowling along the Indian cricketer is well respected in the team.  He is about 5 feet and 10 inch in height and is a great bowler using that height in the full strength.  He is originally from Sahaspur Village located near Moradabad and went to under 19 cricket team.  He has played many of the massive matches and is doing great in that. He is a disciplined player and a very skilled player of all time in India, his career status is very high with top ranging scores with lots of wickets in his bag. 

His passion toward cricket is very high and is all the time thinking of making the most out the important chances he gets in the field to prove something.  He married his girlfriend according to his religion (religion) and is living a happy life and in the cricket field he almost seems to be happy and cheering often and showing the sigh that winning can be possible and made it present.

  • Indian
  • 178 cm
  • 1990-03-09
  • Cricketer
  • Yes
  • $0.7 Million Dollars
  • Aaira Shami
  • Asian/Indian
  • Hasin Jahan
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  • Bengal cricket team
  • No
  • Not Yet


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