Mohammed Amer

Mohammed Amer is an American writer, a stand-up comedian  who is widely known as one-third of the comedy trio Allah Made Me Funny. Talking about his personal life biography, Amer has already got married. He is currently married to his wife who is a Mexican-American. In addition to that, he also has a step-daughter. At present, he is residing in Los Angeles together with his wife and step-daughter.

Now, let us find some more details related to the bio of Amer that has been obtained from different sources. He is the native of Kuwait. He came into this world on 24th July of the year 1981 which has now made him reach at the age of 35. He is of Palestinian descent and he was born as the youngest child among the six children to his parents. In October of 1990, he along with his family fled Kuwait during Gulf War and then, they settled in Houston.

His elder brother took Amer to see Bill Cosby perform at Houston Astrodome when Amer was ten years old. When he reached 14, he discovered stand-up comedy at the Texas rodeo. Apart from that, he has performed tours in more than 27 countries on 5 continents which also includes Italy, Germany, Japa, Sicily, Korea, and Bahrain. He was also featured on the Al-Bernameg with Bassem Youssef as the only Arab-American comedian who appeared on that TV show. He has also performed at the Comedy Festival in 2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mohammed Amer is one of the most popular and loved celebrity on the television screen whom we’ve been knowing and seeing daily. Some of you may also be his fan since a long time as well as you may also love to access some other news related to him. Some of us may also have the information regarding his personal life, interview as well as a professional career from various newspaper, gossip pages, and magazines. Amer has been active in this field since 1999 and during these periods, he has gained a lot of fans in her social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Prior to that, Mohammed Amer became US citizen which enabled him to travel to Amman, Jordan and also visit his family whom he had not seen for almost twenty years. Additionally, he also returned to Kuwait as well as Baghdad for the 1st time since his family fled. Prior to that, his work promotes art as well as understanding between diverse cultures of the world. 

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